■ Fashion and style for me boils down to comfort. If you are not comfortable in it, then it is not fashionable.

■ I would define my style as simple, classic and laidback.

■ I’m not fixated on brands. It’s all about how it looks on you; I’ve always felt that it’s not the clothes that should make you look good – you should make them look good.

■ There are some days where I don’t feel like experimenting and I like to go classic, while sometimes, I wake up on the other side of the bed and feel like going crazy.

■ My last fashion purchase was a pair of Kris Van Assche shoes that I simply love.

■ The only style rule for men is to keep it cool, comfortable and stick to your personality – style and fashion will automatically follow.

■ Men can definitely be edgy; I see more people pushing the boundaries now. Everyone’s definition of edgy is different, though.

■ There are many men who I find stylish. Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan have an inherent sense of personal style. I feel Tom Cruise, Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau are very stylish as well. Among the younger Bollywood crop, of course there is Ranveer Singh.

■ The basics that I feel every man should have in his wardrobe include black trousers, white as well as black shirts and T-shirts, a tan belt, shoes and a good pair of sneakers.

■ Grooming is essential, and I cannot stress enough on the basics – brush your teeth, take care of body odour, facial hair and keep yourself clean. Also, find yourself a great hairstylist.

■ For a formal occasion, I think black or navy trousers teamed with a shirt or T-shirt, a blazer and tan shoes are the safest bet. This look works well for a date too. In a more casual setting, change up the look with sneakers, jeans and a cardigan.