Actor Harsh Rajput On Staying Fit And Healthy
<strong>Me & My Body: Harsh Rajput </strong> 

For actor Harsh Rajput, fitness is an essential part of his profession. Always making sure that he stays in great shape, the 35-year-old stunner doesn’t just focus on looking good on-screen, but also stays healthy while packing on muscle and staying shredded year-round. From mindful eating to no cheating in his gym, Rajput does it all and lives by it

A week in fitness 
I work out 6 days a week and keep one day of rest. It helps me maintain my metabolism and also keeps me active. 


Must-have gym equipment for a home gym 
A gym mat, a pair of dumbbells, resistance bands and a bench are enough for a home setup, unless you are a professional bodybuilder. 


Things to keep in mind when working out  


Honestly, I feel focus is the most important thing while working out correctly. Concentration on a targeted muscle is necessary. Josh mein hosh nahi khona chahiye, because injuries are something you always need to look out for. 


A muscle group you love and hate working on 


I love doing legs as it helps develop the whole body and core. I hate arms, as they are small muscles and get sore really fast. 


Your fitness inspiration  


Who better then Jason Statham? There’s also Hrithik Roshan, who has maintained a great physique over the years. 


Top three gym tracks 
Dakla by Bandish Projekt ft. Aishwarya Joshi & Mc TodFod, Banglora by Pablo Fierro, and Believer by Imagine Dragons 


A fictional character you’d like to work out with  
I would love to workout with Krrish and Baahubali. 


Top three cheat meal preferences 


Burgers, pav bhaji, and a Gujarati dish called undhiyu. 


Lead Image: Harsh Rajput/Instagram

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