A special monsoon exhibit, Confluence features a selection of work by artists Anjolie Ela Menon, Jayasri Burman and Maya Burman, on display till August 25. Menon’s works are from her on-going Divine Mother series. The paintings capture all the nuances of motherhood, depicted in translucent textures created by using thin glazes on masonite. Jayasri Burman’s art, derived from Hindu mythology, has a dream-like and lyrical quality. Her deep-rooted understanding of Indian mythology, Bengali culture and tradition reflects in exquisite detailing — careful repetition of the surface, layers of cross-hatching darkening the skies and beautiful textures of fabrics adorning her characters. Finally, Maya Burman’s circular watercolour paintings depict mythological as well as metaphorical characters in a dream-like setting. The tapestry-like effect with floral, decorative patterns is reminiscent of the French art nouveau tradition.