Meet Droveumad, The Digital Artist Who Fuses Politics And Street Culture Perfectly
Meet Droveumad, The Digital Artist Who Fuses Politics And Street Culture Perfectly

Definitely someone who should be on your radar

Street culture has been on a meteoric rise in India after taking over countries like America and Japan. Brands like Supreme and Off White have been on the radar of many people in the country now and the culture is slowly digging its roots deep within Hindustan. But this isn’t limited to just clothing and footwear. Artists have also been incorporating this new age trend in their art and making it their own by putting a unique spin on it. One such example would be Dhruv Mehta aka Droveumad. 


Droveumad is a hyper-creative digital artist who uploads all his work on Instagram. His main forte is fusing international trends perfectly with Indian political figures. His artwork isn’t limited to politics though, he essentially plays around with current trends and puts a proper desi spin to it. A perfect example would be this:




He puts the iconic Virgil Abloh Nike swoosh onto something so Indian like a Maruti car. Who knew those two things would work so damn well?


Take a look at another great example of this fusion in this piece of artwork, in which he puts a Yeezy Boost 700 midsole on a freakin Aadhar card:




On being asked whom or what he seeks inspiration from, Dhruv says his inspiration isn’t limited to a person or an object, but a variety of things.


“I am a hyper-creative artist, so my inspiration comes from many different areas. I look at graphic designers, fashion designers, website layouts, magazines, industrial designs, music videos, entrepreneurs, and politics. I am always looking to create something unique, but even if I make something that has been done before, I show my take and my vision of it.”




Knowing that he is an artist who shares his artwork online and especially political artwork, you would think he’d have his fair share of trolls, but that isn’t the case. 




“The creative community is generally very appreciative and provides constructive criticism from time to time, but as for trolls, well, of course, there are people who hate on others for no reason but they really don’t matter to me.”


You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought his artwork would look great on a T-shirt. Dhruv has the same vision and he shared his plans with us for future merchandise releases.


“I have plans to launch a new project that aims to provide affordable art to people. The sort of art that they’ll be proud to have around them. As for collaborations, there are some extremely interesting things coming up with other artists, especially Indian hip hop artists. I am going to do a number of collaborations in that space.”


The future for droveumad is interesting, to say the least. The artist told us that there are some “crazy” things coming up.




“There will be merch but it’ll be something that has never been done before and I am sure that people will like it. I am also coming up with some cool web projects that you should keep an eye out for.”


Droveumad is still a small digital artist compared to other biggies, but is definitely on the road to becoming a popular Instagram artist, with the skills and following to back him up. His unique design style sets him apart from the rest and his fusion of international trends with something truly Indian could soon become a signature style statement. 


Take a look at some of our favourite pieces of artwork from the man:



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