Netflix’s Class Actor Chintan Rachchh Talks About Style, Fashion & Grooming
Style File: Chintan Rachchh

Every year, new actors bring a fresh wave of charm to the industry. Chintan Rachchh, who rose to fame with the role of Faruq Manzoor in Netflix’s recent hit Class, brought an effortless sense of style to his rock-solid performances as well as his off-screen appearances — here’s a closer look at the 23-year-old’s sartorial sensibilities

A piece of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead in 


My birthday suit, because I pretty much look good in everything. 


Three fashion brands you genuinely believe deliver a bang for your buck 


Bhane, Akat by Anjali and 11.11 / eleven eleven. 


Watches or wheels? 


I don’t get the time to ‘watch’ my time nowadays –– it’s definitely going to be wheels. 


A woman whose style sense you’re really into. 


Zendaya and Dua Lipa, they’re both capable of carrying off almost any look and are experimental with their clothing. 


An ensemble you think you look best in 


I am a little skinny, so I love adding layers just like my personality, haha. So, I’d say… an oversized shirt with baggy pants and a jacket or blazer, preferably without shoulder pads. Accessories are a must! 


Five grooming essentials you swear by 


Smell nice. Body hair is ok in my opinion. Facial hair is best trimmed or shaved. Keep your nails clean. Make sure you brush your teeth everyday so that you can smile at nine out of ten dentists. 


One perfume we’ll always find on your dressing table 


Issey Miyake perfumes. 


Three recurring products on your monthly shopping cart 


I don’t really shop a lot, but I’m likely to buy essential oils, a lot of ayurvedic hair products and vegan, sugar-free dark chocolate. 


If you became a fashion influencer, what would your Instagram handle be called? 


I did a show based in Delhi, so I’d try my best to make a handle name that’s relatable to people in our subcontinent, so I’d just call it ‘Pehen-Cho‘. 


Name three well-groomed men you’re in awe of 


Shahrukh Khan, Eddie Redmayne and Shawn Mendes. 


Three things that make a good suit 


I think we should absolutely avoid shirts at all costs. Blazers of dark shades like black or maroon, accessories and obviously the pants. 


If you had a million dollars to spend on one luxury purchase, what would that be? 


My deeply ingrained Gujju traits wouldn’t really allow me to use my money to buy a lot of luxury products. I’d most likely end up saving in so that million can turn into a billion and eventually a trillion! 


Describe your personal style in three words 


Unique, eclectic and ‘CLA$$Y’. I will continue to plug Class wherever I can! 


One clothing item you’re currently wearing on repeat 


Black wide trousers from MUJI. 


A major styling faux pas is… 


In my opinion, usually anything to do with animal prints. It’s not generally pleasing to the eyes, at least for me. 

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