Gucci Attache Is The Bag Of The Moment
Gucci Attache Is The Bag Of The Moment

Representing the codes of the Italian house and drawing inspiration from the ’70s, the Gucci Attache should be the next accessory on your list

Months after Gucci Love Parade made its debut, the fashion showcase has been the talk of the town. More than 100 pieces were displayed and one of the highlights of the presentation was the brand’s statement bags, especially the Gucci Attache.


A piece of contemporary design created for the intentional revival of a historical object from the archive, Gucci Attache is a bag that reinterprets tradition and the system of House codes while transporting a silhouette, which draws inspiration from the ’70s, fitting into the present through a narrative and gesturalism outside the confines of gender.



Gucci Attache


Following the house’s heritage in handbags, Creative Director Alessandro Michele exhibited a new soft crescent-shaped bag that complements the Italian house’s structured designs. Defined by a G-shaped hook that can open or close its clean silhouette, this style expresses a deep contemporary insight through its versatility. With two different strap options, either a leather or a web version, this statement item can be used as a handbag — it can be worn over the shoulder, or across the body, always adapting to the moment and conforming to the curves of the body. A thick, striped web outlines each bag, further accentuating its rounded shape.


Attache is the French word for ‘hook’, the geometry of which, through the power of symbols, can be defined as onomatopoeic because it closes onto itself like a hook. So, the bag is a half-moon design encompassed by the web, distinguished by a metal G that opens and closes its silhouette.


Michele remembers being fascinated by the bag after a fleeting glance while he was in the archive. “Immediately, a desire took shape to reinterpret it and include it in the Love Parade collection for the fashion show in Los Angeles because its silhouette, typical of the Seventies, projects a very modern attitude that convinced me to draw out an eclectic symbol that could express the idea of a dual function. Its G-shaped clasp detail, with its mechanical origin, makes the joining link between a bourgeois spirit, typical of an object of this kind, and the functionality of the world of utility,” he explains.



GUCCI Love Parade Fashion Show


Shot by art director and photographer Max Siedentopf, the campaign for the accessory is shot against a metropolitan backdrop, underlining the symbols that form the meaning of the bag — reference and perspectives that together know how to create the glam-utility, which is the expression of a culture of appearance and practicality.



Gucci Attache


Versatile in shape and volume, the bag is presented as the essence of a very current attitude. It comes in two different sizes — medium and small — a functional piece that can be worn in multiple ways. The line presents the appeal that only objects with dual functions can have.


Gucci Attache is a design that is both transportable and ergonomic, living in contact with the body as well as the perfect silhouette to add to a hypothetical collection of objects of desire. An ideal accessory that should be next on your list. Representing the codes of the Italian house and drawing inspiration from the ’70s, the Gucci Attache should be the next accessory on your list

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