Hello 2020: Predicting The New Year

Feline prints and bold motifs in resort wear According to India’s biggest resort wear designers, Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja of Shivan & Narresh, print on print will emerge as one of the most popular trends for resort fashion. “Contemporary, patterned prints and motifs juxtaposed to give a striking semblance of a disarrayed canvas. Feline […]

Feline prints and bold motifs in resort wear


According to India’s biggest resort wear designers, Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja of Shivan & Narresh, print on print will emerge as one of the most popular trends for resort fashion. “Contemporary, patterned prints and motifs juxtaposed to give a striking semblance of a disarrayed canvas. Feline prints will see a turn of the season as men will embrace the bold and confident persona of the nocturnal beasts,” the duo states, adding that 2020 menswear fashion will see a mish-mash of athleisure, sports, street and urban outerwear on the same platform.


The year of maximalism



“Statement belts, bags, scarves, hats will see a design and style explosion. Taking inspiration from artworks, the banal mundane will turn into an area of ingenious creative translation and execution, say Shivan Narresh, adding, “Maximalism will see a pronounced area of implementation through illustrated patchwork jumpers, studded and quilted jackets combined with different techniques, namely embellishments, appliqué, skeinwork, hand embroidery among others.”


Fabrics to rule



Camouflage and breathable Bollywood’s favourite designer, Kunal Rawal, believes that, with endless possibilities in technology, fabric and texture play, fabric manipulation, such as pin tucks, will make it big. “Camouflage patterns in Indianwear with tonal threadwork using traditional embroidery techniques is something we do at the label,” he explains. For occasion wear, Rawal says, we will still primarily see a lot of silks and wool blends since they are safe classics. “For casual wear, 2020 is going to witness an even stronger interest in ethical and sustainable fashion. We will see a lot of recycled plastic fabrics and other eco-friendly textiles become more popular and mainstream,” he adds.


The easier choice of silhouette



With a revival of western silhouettes like suits and blazers, Rawal says, smart tailoring is something the market can expect. “We can expect to see sharpness in casual wear as well with silhouettes that are tailored and offer comfort as well. Jersey fabrics in fun silhouettes is something we expect to see. At Kunal Rawal, we’re looking at fun separates with interesting Hemplay and Patternplay,” he says.Shivan Narresh add, “Gender-fluid head-to-toe comfortable silhouettes will take precedence over separates for daily wear. Easy silhouettes like zip suits, bombers and jumpers illustrated on luxe fabrics — velvet, taffeta, faux leather, sheeter — will be the most preferred ones for men.”


Formal wear: geometric patterns, wide peak lapels, textured fabrics



Sandeep Gonsalves of Sarah & Sandeep, says a minimal design aesthetic with geometric patterns and clean silhouettes is going to be the norm. “In 2020, the trend of well-fitted suits will continue; double-breasted suits with wide peak lapels are making a huge comeback this season for business/ formal wear,” he says. The fabrics for formalwear, according to Gonsalves, will be light-weight fabrics with fluidity and functionality. “Luxurious velvets, brocades, raw silk, linens, worsted wool, twill cottons and satins are in vogue, which keep the primacy and regality of the whole ensemble intact,” he states. Even though work wear is evolving, there will always be a need for formal menswear, believes Gonsalves. “Workwear pieces in 2020 will be more relaxed yet tailored, the key is to be comfortable and look sharp at the same. More than prints, one can opt for patterns such as houndstooth, windowpane, plaid, tweed, herringbone and checked suits. Textured fabrics will also be a big trend for formal wear in 2020,” he says.


Jewellery update



Braided bracelets, marble-based rings Nikhil Sharma, founder of Lacquer Embassy, says minimal and refined bracelets that can be easily worn on its own or with other bracelets will be an important trend. Braided bracelets, simple pieces in chains/necklaces with a little pendant is also a strong trend. You would have seen guys wearing these kind of pieces with turtlenecks and it looks pretty dope. You have an option to go for silver, rose gold or platinum and make sure the pendant is not over the top and looks slick,” he adds. Sharma says that while watches are a staple in men’s jewellery, you can now choose a steam punk kind of vibe or minimalistic watches. “Marble-based rings are an interesting introduction and I feel it can look premium at a work setting. So is mother of pearls cufflinks, which again, add a luxe element to the otherwise predictable boardroom attire,” he adds. Tarang Arora, founder of Tribe Amrapali, feels enameled jewellery is going to be a trend for men. “Enamelled buttons and cufflinks, brooch and lapel pins with strong motifs and symbols will be seen in work wear and occasion wear,” he says.


Metallics and muslin in couture



Couturier Rahul Mishra says even couture is starting to make bolder, more androgynous choices in terms of silhouettes, colours, fabrics and surfaces. “This will make way for a variety of metallics and delicate embroideries along with flared silhouettes with elaborate dupattas and drapes,” he says. “We see a lot of movement in mens’ clothing this year — a variety of pleated and draped silhouettes creating forms that incline towards maximalism and create an image of opulence and self-expression,”he adds. “In terms of fabric, in couture, we still see an inclination towards traditional Indian textiles considering their rich heritage and a prominent sustainability factor. Different kinds of silks such as chanderi, mugha, dupion, tissue silk and Banarasi cutwork fabrics along with some fine muslin,” Mishra explains.


Ivory to Jewel



Colours to blur gender lines Mishra also believes that men today are gaining a new consciousness towards fashion and self-expression which blurs various gender stereotypes. “In this light, the colour palette for menswear also seems to widen from neutral ivory, beige and achromatic tones to an array of pastels, statement hues such as navy, emerald or maroon,” he says.


Comfort-driven layering and other staples



Rawal feels comfort-driven layering is a fashion staple that is definitely going to stay. “Comfort layering is something that can work across body types and genders,” he says. Resham Karmchandani, one of the founders of the label The Pot Plant, says, “I think with relaxed fashion finding its moment, shirts and shorts are will be a staple,” she says.


Form and functionality



Fashion stylist Rishi Raj sees the amalgamation of functionality and luxury taking centre stage. “The definition of luxury is being rewritten. So we will see a lot of real leather substitutes enter the market in the form of bags, wallets, and footwear. Crossbody slings and other practical and comfort-based elements that are crafted with finesse will add value and visual interest. We will see a lot more of statement pins and brooches adding some sass to the men’s wardrobe this year. They are easy add-ons and can amplify any look immediately, he adds.


Quirks of the year



Cuban collars, 80s blazers, mesh Karmchandani says that with summer around the corner, Cuban collar shirts, tropical prints, and shirts are on the fashion horizon. short sleeves, collars, and quirky prints are the perfect pair with shorts. “Also, the 80s are back with oversized blazers and a With more relaxed silhouettes and drapes, a play of print, she continues, will find solid ground in 2020. “Patchwork, sheer fabrics will find a place in the men’s wardrobe. And yes, mesh shirts are very much in. Styled with T-shirts and layered with blazers, this is one of the most popular ways of introducing sheer in the wardrobe,” she adds.


Special mention


Sleepwear couture Interestingly, Shivan Narresh explain, “Having seen its popularity in the women’s category, sleepwear couture will bounce to menswear as well. Printed pajama sets, puffer jumpers and pants etc. will make for go-to pick-me-ups.”



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