Neon is cool, neon is trendy, neon can also be tricky. Want to make a bold statement with your wardrobe by turning up the neon dial with an explosion of fluorescent colours? Here’s how

Neon shades are quite intimidating. Men usually say a big no to experimenting with these bold shades. These highlighter shades are distinctive in nature as they stand out loud if not styled properly.

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Neon is usually complemented with lighter shades to simplify its effect. If you are not familiar with high vis colours, there are a few tricks that can help you make a fashionable impression instead of looking like you should be diverting traffic. The trick is to arm yourself with simple styling techniques that demonstrate how to dial up the neon intensity from subtle, to full fluorescent. If you are ready to take a plunge into unknown colour territory, we have curated everything you need to know.


“When wearing neon colours, try and keep it as a highlight colour rather than an overall outfit colour. An overall neon outfit can be a bit much if you are not up for being too loud. Keep one statement piece in neon, and then compliment the colour with a small detail. For example, you can wear a neon jacket, and complement it with hints of it in your sneakers, or keep the outfit monotone, and wear a neon fanny pack. It is important to balance the overall colours to make one to two pieces pop in the whole look,” recommends celebrity stylist Amandeep Kaur.

“Neon is a daring trend as it is, so that being said, you might want to make it statement focused, and it is better for the evening. You should make sure that you don’t really wear it in bright daylight, because it ends up being really painful to the eyes. It is adventurous, but not for everyone. If you have the motivation to give it a try, go for it,” says celebrity stylist Akshay Tyagi.

He continues, “If you were to wear neon in the daytime, wear a more pastel version of the shades, or a toned-down version of the colours.”


Coming to neon hues in wedding wear, designer Harleen Kaur suggests adding a pop of neon this summer with a bundi vest or floral kurta for a fun wedding outfit look.

“Neons and bright colours are great for mehendi nights, sangeets, and even the wedding day when done right. Accent your vibrant neon pieces with neutrals like gold, beige, white, or black for a more sophisticated look for any night events. Choose to wear neon colours together, or pair neon with another rich or bright colour if you’re looking for a fun outfit for a Mehendi or sangeet night. You can never go wrong with any neon colour, but we’re especially loving orange and citrine this wedding season. Pair them together for a super fun and fresh look, or wear them separately,” she says.

Neon on neon is a more shocking, electric trend, and colour-blocking is the way to perfect it. Versace’s Fall/Winter 2021 is proof. Now, coming to wearing actual highlighter colours, Tyagi recommends, “Neon green is something that can work well as an outerwear piece, or in terms of shoes or belt. It would work well with blues and whites. Neon pink can be paired with greys and blacks to get a really dramatic look. If you are planning to wear a neon pink shirt, you can pair it with a more neutral layer inside and below. Lastly, neon orange is more of a bold colour, so it hurts the eye. You can do a tone-on-tone, where you have a slightly different shade of that orange coming through in your layering or pocket square. You can amp it up with chunky sneakers or brogues.”



Wearing neon is about taking a risk with your style, and injecting colours into your wardrobe that you are not used to wearing. Are you ready to try?

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