Seasonal transitions are great times to experiment with throw-ons, and layer up or down. Transitional layering is technically not a trend, but it is a complete necessity. The key to perfecting transitional layering is to be practical. Your utmost priority should be keeping yourself warm from those chilly winds, and untimely drizzles. Being smart about layering will help you to be comfortable and look great throughout the day, even when the temperature swings unevenly.

Celebrity stylists Pranita Shetty and Ayesha Dasgupta decode the keys to successful layering. Shetty thinks the best way is to combine different pieces of garments in a way that it serves the purpose of comfort, practicality and of course, aesthetic. “They should be separates, so if you suddenly feel hot and have to take off your outermost layer, the inner layers should be able to carry off the look on its own,” she says.

Dasgpupta thinks that the innermost layer (closest to your skin) should be the thinnest, form-fitted, and made from breathable fabric for maximum comfort, going into a slightly heavy layer on the outside. “For example, take a comfy pure cotton T-shirt as your base layer, add a light denim shirt, and throw on a gilet, if necessary. I would suggest going with a well fitted white tee, a slim fit dark wash denim shirt, and an olive-green gilet, worn with khakhis and kids,” she adds.

For unpredictable weather days, the best thing to do, stylists suggest, would be to pick a slightly thick cotton T-shirt that looks great on its own, and keep a light layer handy. Also, if it looks like it might get cold, step out with thinner layers, like a slightly thick plaid shirt over a tee, and carry a denim jacket, or a bomber.

If you had to pick one outfit to ace transitional layering, Dasgupta recommends a V neck or crew neck tee, or a casual shirt with a shacket paired with slim chinos, and cool kicks. “I would suggest going dark grey tone-on-tone with the base look, and adding a shacket in any shade of deep blue. Roll up your chinos and add a pair of checkered Vans for a quirky vibe, do worn-out, brown lace up boots to keep it edgy, or go retro with a pair of gum sole Adidas Samba OG trainers,” she says.

Getting into the do’s and dont’s, Dasgupta recommends, “Use a pop of colour in your outfit, and construct the rest of your look in neutrals around that. Layering with monotones looks great, but play with textures and different fabrics.” She warns against layering with bold, contrasting colours. “Don’t layer with more than one pattern. Also, avoid overlayering, or using bulky layers. It makes the body look top heavy and hence, disproportionate. I suggest limiting it to three layers,” she adds.




This is a versatile piece of clothing that can be thrown on over almost anything that you’re wearing.


A great option that can be worn over a tee or a shirt and jeans. This is a layer that transitions well from day to night keeping you feeling equally stylish at a meeting or a dinner date. Add a tie for your meeting and go open collar with a printed pocket square for the night.


Plaid shirts can be worn with literally anything. Right from t-shirts to under sweaters, this clothing piece with be worn with different styles.