Fashion Tips On How To Include Cobalt Blue In Your Wardrobe
The Takeover Of Cobalt Blue

This season, luxury runways have grabbed on to the intensity of a certain shade of blue that makes a statement in itself. Fashion stalwarts weigh in on how one can include cobalt blue in their everyday style

Every season, there’s a colour that becomes a hot favourite in the fashion world, and then all you see is that colour in clothes, name-what-you-may. It becomes a talking point for us so that all of you reading this will know the best way to use the colour to your advantage. First came millennial pink that made a noise. Then came neon shades and hot pink — colours that really contribute to the androgyny movement. The colour this season worth taking a note of is cobalt blue. Think energetic, bold, and at the same time, subtle.



Christian Dior


From runways and racks to your favourite content creator’s Instagram feed, this shade of blue is making its place not just in fashion, but even in the interior world.


Explaining cobalt blue’s adaptability, fashion designer Riddhi Mehra says, “In line with blue’s essence, cobalt is a cool shade in the family with a connection to nature, sky, and water. It is widely considered a friendly, authoritative, and trustworthy colour. With its soothing and peaceful effect, cobalt blue has always drawn me to it. How so much can be inferred from one single shade of blue is truly extraordinary. From richness to stability to calmness, this shade has a versatile touch.”



Cobalt Blue Bag


Seen on the recent runways of Off-White, Diesel, Hermès, David Catalan, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, and many others, the shade effortlessly blends with other colours with ease. “Cobalt blue works well with all colours, but looks best with nude colour tones. Gun metal embroideries on cobalt blue make the garment decorous yet minimal. A colour as strong and powerful as this one stands on its own very well,” thinks designer Rahul Khanna.



David Catalan


The colour is a versatile addition to the menswear wardrobe this season. “Solid plain kurtas with tonal details are great staple pieces for the festive season, a jacket in the same hue paired up with a neutral kurta and pants set in grey can be one look to add to your wardrobe this season,” suggests designer Varun Chakkilam.



Louis Vuitton


Designer Kunal Anil Tanna believes that accessories in cobalt blue are a mood. He believes the colour blue, in every form, is versatile to use. “It is very easy to use it in form of the solids of your wardrobe and even in accessories. Cobalt blue is the vibrant side of blue, and the tone is extremely palette-driven. You could wear regular denim with a white shirt and cobalt blue moccasins, and it will look really cool. As a vibrant colour, it is best used in accessories. You could do a nice cobalt blue leather belt, shoes and bags. We had made some cool fannypacks in cobalt blue, and that’s an easy way to accessorise. Also, it is my go-to colour for sangeet or cocktail party outfits for the grooms at the wedding. It is best teamed with a lot of colours, especially black or dark blue.”


Cobalt Blue Bag


Designer Arjun Khanna personally loves the colour. “It is masculine, and can be superbly feminine too. It’s probably popular, and always has been because it’s neutral and easy to match, and suits almost everyone. Cobalt blue keds or a blazer will look cool.”


“Cobalt blue as a pop of colour can be of great value, especially as a choice in shoes or as an addition in watches, ties, or pocket squares,” recommends Chakkilam.


Does this colour fit into wedding wear? Hell yes. “The wedding space is evolving and moving into a time and era of experimentation by incorporating royal and elegant hues of colour for the perfect celebration mood this season. In the same space, sherwani and bandhgalas in blue serve as elegant yet vibrant choices. They can be paired up with contrasting hues of pinks/reds for the bride. It is a trending colour for the brides and grooms this season, and can also be notched up and down while mixing it with neutrals. This will complement the luxurious decor of the weddings, this season, catering to pastel and dreamy hues,” concludes Chakkilam.

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