Dino Morea and fitness are synonymous. From his modeling days to now, his physique never fails to impress. How does he do it? Morea reveals his fitness secrets

Workout schedule

At the moment, I need to put on about 4-5 kilos of muscle, so weight training is what I am doing a lot now. So, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I hit the gym. Wednesday, I go for football. Thursday, I hit the gym again. Friday is a rest day. Then again on Saturday, I am at the gym. Sunday is dedicated to football. My workouts stretch to an hour or hour to ten minutes. I begin with a quick warm up every time, and end the workout with a good stretch.

Favourite muscle group to work on

My favourite muscle group to work on is actually my lower body. I quite enjoy squatting and deadlifting. It is really nice because it is a hardcore workout.

Favourite exercise routine

My favourite exercise, to be honest, is to play a sport. You give me football any day over going to the gym, I’ll take it. So, me running around, kicking the ball, playing with the team feels highly meditative. It works as a great workout too.

Best time to workout

I prefer to wake up in the morning and finish my workout, and get it done with it, so I can attend to my work for the rest of the day. Normally, in the evening, it gets a little bit tiring for me to go out and then give my 100 per cent to my workouts.

Favourite gym equipment

A pull-up bar, and a parallel bar so that I can do my dips and pull-ups. Also, maybe a barbell with weights, and that’s all I need. With a pull-up bar and barbell with weights, I can do my squats, I can do my deadlifts, I can do my military press, and that is fantastic for the body.

Pre and post workout meal

My pre-workout meal is any complex carbohydrates with some sugar in them. An apple or a banana works. It gives you the energy to boost a workout. Post workout, probably something high in protein. Lean meat like chicken or turkey or fish, basically anything with a lot of protein in it because the absorption of protein after a workout is the highest.

Alternatives to keep oneself fit

A sport. Either it is football or basketball, but I enjoy playing a sport over hitting the gym. For me, that is the best kind of exercise.

Cheat meal

I don’t really follow any particular diet where I need to cheat. Every day, I eat something sweet. I eat just about everything in a day. So, there is no day where I have a cheat meal. I enjoy eating everything. My body is an ectomorph type of body so I am fortunate that I can eat anything, and remain lean.

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