Jasraj Singh, aka Jerry Singh, isn’t your average bloke. In a career that has only spanned a few years, he has already managed to earn a name for himself in the industry, while completely staying behind the scenes as a producer and songwriter. He’s probably one of the most accomplished 23-year-olds in music you’ve ever heard of, and he’s just getting started. Singh is heavily inspired by a long list of artists who diversely range from Skrillex to Quincy Jones. But the person who introduced him to the world of music, is a big part of music himself. Being the son of singer Jasbir Jassi, one of the most famous Punjabi singers in India, Jerry Singh got a taste of concerts and studio sessions when he was just 14

I have always been a creative person, but music was never something I thought I wanted to do. But in the ninth grade, my dad gave me a music production software, and I ended up loving how it felt. I think that was the beginning of it all.” Singh decided to take music up professionally, and studied music production in London. As a producer, it can take years to land a big project or earn a name in the industry. But Singh was lucky enough to meet renowned Grammy-winning, veteran producer Jeff Bhasker. “I met him [Bhasker] in 2017 during the MTV India Music Summit. He is also a very good friend of my father, and they have worked together before. He heard my music and liked it. During his time here, we went to Dalhousie and just spent the day, making music.”


Bhasker plays a key role in Singh’s career. Singh’s highlight on his current music portfolio includes credited contribution on Dua Lipa’s latest album, Future Nostalgia, and production on HBO’s show, Betty, which all happened thanks to Bhasker, and of course, Singh’s talent. “Last summer, I was in LA. He [Bhasker] invited me and let me stay with him for a few months, and showed his whole process. You could say that I was working as an assistant. He used to give me tasks to do, but in between, I used to have my own time with production. One day, Jeff was working on Dua Lipa’s project, and we were discussing what should be added or changed. In that moment, he looked at me and said, ‘do you want to try it?’ It was a big deal, but I excitedly said yes. He then left and gave me time with it, without intervening or supervising me, letting me do my own thing on the track.”

During his time with Bhasker, Singh also got to meet renowned Japanese composer Aska Matsumiya, who is popular for her soundtracks in TV series. Bhasker introduced her to Singh’s production, and she asked him to contribute to the soundtrack she was composing for the HBO show, Betty. “I used to meet Aska Matsumiya when I was working with Jeff. One day, she heard some snippets of what I was working on and loved it, so she asked me to jump in on a few projects. That’s how that happened.” On the home front, Singh’s career highlight is his work on the Akshay Kumar- starrer Kesari. Singh worked with his father, and produced Ek Onkaar, for the film.

Singh has also worked with his brother, Simba Sing, on a single called 80s Love, and is in the process of putting out more. “During the lockdown, my brother and I worked on some music. As a result, we have four singles lined up, which are totally different styles from what we usually do. I’m excited about that.” Jerry Singh doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, at least not right now. He’s interested in using his momentum to push him forward, exploring new sounds and collaborating with unique artists, with an aim to be a respected producer and songwriter who creatively upholds and enhances the artiste’s concept and ideologies. But he’s also one of the young producers you should keep an eye on, and an ear out for.