Aditya Seal is fit, hot, and happy, and it takes him some arduous workouts and a strict diet routine to be able to flaunt his body. Seal reveals his fitness mantras, and lists everything it takes to be this fit 

Aditya Seal

Workout Routine

I don’t do the same workout every day. I have different workouts for different body parts, but all of them have one thing in common: starting off with a good stretch and a warm up. I think these two are the most essential part of any workout routine. 

Fitness Routine That Works For Him

The fitness routine that fits me is being consistent, and that is something that should suit everybody. Your muscles constantly need training, so you have to keep at it to develop a better lifestyle. Apart from that, I try to do my heavyweights in the morning, and I purely hate doing cardio in the gym. It is just not meant for me. So I substitute that for any other physical activity. It could be martial arts, dancing, or playing badminton. I think it is a more entertaining source. 

Gaining Muscles

Gaining muscles is the most difficult thing that I have had to do. For gaining muscle, I have focused on my diet. You have to eat a little more than you usually do when you are gaining muscle. Make sure it is clean food, and not junk. Heavier weights are what is needed to gain muscles.

Mantra For Gaining Muscles

What I do is, for example, on Monday, I would go to the gym and do heavy legs and shoulders. Tuesday, I do heavy chest and back exercises. Wednesday, I do my entire arms including shoulder, bicep, and triceps. Then I take a break on the fourth day, and then my routine continues in the same manner. I also do a lot of abs every single day. 

Preferred Muscle Group To Work On

Well, I enjoy doing a lot of chest workouts. I also do a lot of shoulder workouts. I hate doing legs. Hate them.

Hardest Muscle Group To Work On

The muscle group that is the hardest for me to work on are my legs. That is purely out of boredom, and I do not like to do them. But, I do it. Secondly, the most stress that I have had working on is on my back, because I have had multiple injuries. So, the biggest problem for me is strengthening my back. I have finally, fortunately, been able to do that, but it still feels like a task that I have to do.

Favourite Gym Equipment

There are a few machines, a few brands of machines that give you the perfect squeeze on your chest when you are doing a pec deck. I really enjoy doing that. If it is the right machine, then I enjoy doing a pec deck on it.


Before my workout, my diet is something heavy and “carby”. So I go in for a bowl full of oats, and I fill them up with bananas, some blueberries. Post my workout, I immediately have a protein shake. I enjoy having rice, so my lunch could be something like rice, dal, and vegetables. I include some salads, and some sort of protein. 

Cheat Days

Sadly, I cannot afford a cheat day anymore. I can afford a cheat meal. Cheat meals would usually include burgers and pizzas. I have this major craving for it once a week. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I don’t enjoy eating anything sweet. 

Fitness Idols

I like Akshay Kumar. At his age, to be able to do everything that he does, is phenomenal. I really like Vidyut Jammwal. His approach towards martial arts is impeccable. I do like Virat Kohli. I have heard that he is extremely consistent, and even after a match, he’ll go and do his workout. And Cristiano Ronaldo, of course.