Currently, I am trying to lose fat, so I am doing intermittent fasting. I try to do at least 5,000 to 6,000 steps in my fasting state when I wake up. I am currently aiming to reach 10K steps every day to create a calorie deficit. I break my fast with eggs, chicken, a salad, and protein pancakes. I try not to eat too many calories. Take 500-600 calories for whoever wants to follow this routine. You will have 1,200-1,400 calories to consume later during the second half of the day. I then have a really, really big second meal in the evening, and then have a smaller meal before I sleep.

The fasting, the calorie counting, and the steps help create the calorie cravings deficit that you are looking for. I also do weight training thrice a week. I do push-pull legs, and I am a natural athlete and I am in a calorie deficit now, so the recovery is not as good as it can be. So I don’t stress the central nervous system out too much, and only work out thrice a week. 


 I thoroughly enjoy reverse pyramid training. It helps you get stronger. For example, I will start with weighted pull-ups, which is a big compound movement, and I will basically warm up. Then I will rack the weight as heavy as possible because I find that when I come into the gym, initially before my muscles have worked out or pre-exhausted, I am at my strongest. So at that point, I want to hit the heaviest set. Once I get tired, I want to go a little lighter, so I do a first set, 4-6 reps of extremely heavy weights, then 6-8 reps, then 10-12 reps. I feel it is a really good way to build strength over time.


 I manage my cravings by intermittent fasting. If I skip my breakfast and I don’t eat for a 15- hour period, it allows me to consume more calories in the second half of the day, and be slightly more flexible with my food choices when I break my fast. If someone wants to indulge a little, I think fasting is great. Having said that, you cannot just fast and then eat whatever you want because you will not get the desired results. 


I just shot a film called Thar and it was in the middle of nowhere, so I carried weights and equipment, and we had the production sort it out. I would train on location with TRX bands. Sometimes, I would train in hotel rooms. The idea is always to get three to four workouts in a week. 


Fasting and walking really works for me. I really enjoy walking. Try and get your steps in. I think this is something people overlook. They try to overcomplicate things, like giving up dairy, or gluten, or cutting sugar. Unless you are super sensitive to these foods, you don’t have to cut out anything. It is all about calories in and calories out. Check your calorie intake for the day. Make sure to be active, and burn as many calories as you can. Walking is a great tool and it clears your mind. 


People say eating rice at night makes you fat, you have to train five to six times a week, and you have to eat six to seven meals a day. All rubbish. It all really depends on what your goals are. Try and track your macros, track your calories. The idea to build muscles is to get stronger. The idea to lose fat is to create a calorie deficit. You will not lose muscle unless you are in a massive deficit. So yes, so many myths