Actor Karan Wahi Shares His Fitness Secrets
Me And My Body: Karan Wahi

The actor shares his fitness secrets with us

Long hours of shoot got nothing on actor Karan Wahi’s dedication towards his fitness goals. Is it passion? Or is it for the profession? Wahi gives a lowdown of what keeps him going.


A Week In Exercise


My week is filled with different activities, mainly hitting the gym, which has been a constant for years now. I work out five days a week at the gym, mixing cardio and weight training. Sundays are for football. I have also started Martial Arts training, which I do twice a week.


One Workout Routine You Prefer


Weight training has been my mainstay for years now. Since I have been an Ecto (body type), I tend to always have less body fat, and so, weight training is a must for me.


Three Must-Have Gym Equipment


Dumbbells, a set of weights, and a chin-up bar.


If Not The Gym


I play a sport to keep myself fit. Any outdoor activity, including running, cycling, or even just walking up the stairs is a great way to stay fit.


Cheat Day Meal


I don’t have a specific cheat meal any more. I think for me now, cheat meals are when I can actually eat a lot more calories than usual. But if I had to eat a really good cheat meal, it would have to be Chhole Bhature.


A Muscle Group That Shouldn’t Be Ignored


Legs. It’s your base and when I say legs, I mean you don’t have to kill them. You don’t need to have the best legs either. All you got to do is never miss your leg day because it gives your entire body stability, helps your core, and changes the way you actually look.


Top Three Gym Tracks


Eye of the Tiger (an all-time favourite). Other than that, I just choose to listen to any music that is playing on the loop.


Fitness Idols


Growing up, it was always Sylvester Stallone. But as I have grown, I have come to terms with what real fitness means. I follow Virat [Kohli] because there is so much to learn from his complete 360 degree change with food and training. So currently, I’ll have to say it’s him and Cristiano Ronaldo.


A Fitness Myth You Want To Bust


If we don’t train for a couple of days, the body just goes away. It isn’t true. If you keep a check on your diet and your sleep, nothing will go wrong. Also, for people who think fat burners work, I need to tell them fat burners only work if you work.


What Does Fitness Mean To You?


Fitness is a lifestyle. Either you are into it or you are not. It’s not a hobby. It’s life. It’s the time you give to your body. It’s how much you nurture it. I have been doing this for over two decades, and I still am as passionate as I was on Day 1.

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