Karan Tacker On His Daily Workout
Karan Tacker On His Daily Workout

Karan Tacker has an ardent fan following for his acting skills, as well as for serving fitness goals on his social media. The actor discusses his fitspiration, and his routine

Fitness Routine


Usually, I work on two parts of the body a day. These days, I am working on a push-and-pull, and leg workout. On Monday, I start with a push session, which involves doing all the push exercises that you can for the upper body. So, I work on the chest, shoulder, and biceps. Then the next day, I do back and biceps. Then I do a full session of legs. I repeat this throughout the week without a break. I only take a break when I feel like my body requires it. 


But my fitness routine constantly keeps changing. I am constantly adding different kinds of Olympic movements because that keeps your body shocking, and helps you progress. Once in a while, I also throw in a HIIT workout, which could be as simple as 10 rounds of burpees, 10 push-ups, 10 split lunges on each leg with 10 jump squats, 10 pull-ups, and a 3km run. I do four rounds of this with a break of a minute. 


Must-Have Gym Equipment


It depends on what your fitness goal is, and what your fitness level is at the moment. For me, I always keep a bar and dumbbells handy. But even if you end up doing bodyweight exercises, you can get into brilliant shape without equipment whatsoever. Your body is your best equipment. Probably you’ll need a yoga mat because you don’t want to hurt yourself. 


One Myth He Wants To Bust


Lifting heavy. The ideology of lifting heavy doesn’t need to mean that you have to lift as heavy as the other person is lifting. It’s a progressive load. You keep increasing the load as and when you keep getting comfortable with it, and are in great form. Don’t injure yourself. And when you have tried a certain weight for a long period, then it is a good time to up your weight. It also depends on how many years you have been working out, how skilled you are. It has to be gradual progress.  



Meals In A Day


The idea is to keep a high protein diet. I am a non-vegetarian. So, I eat eggs and oats in the morning. For lunch, I have chicken, rice, and vegetables. The same goes for dinner. In the middle, I have a protein shake after my workout. I am not very big on protein shakes. I just do that to add more protein to my day. But if you don’t take a protein shake, that is okay. Real food is the best.


Muscle Group He Loves To Work On


I love to work on the lower body. Front squats and deadlifts are two of my most favourite things to do on any given day. 


Muscle Group He Hates To Work On


I hate arm workouts. I find them very boring and mundane. I do them very sparingly because I feel like when you are working out, doing various exercises like pull-ups, deadlifts, push-ups, you are already working out your arms. Sometimes I will hit a quick 20-minute bicep-triceps routine between workouts, but that’s it. 


Fitness Trainers He Follows


I have had some really interesting people in my life who have been around when I have been training. I really liked working out with Praveen Nair, Mustafa Ahmed. 


If Not The Gym


During Covid, I did not have a lot of equipment. I used to do a lot of bodyweight workouts. I did a lot of running. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats, ab variations, planks — there are a whole bunch of things a person can do. Also, eat clean, and train your mind to keep it healthy. Take care of your mental health as well. 


Fitness Idols


Dwayne Johnson is a perfect example of living a very healthy, balanced life. He enjoys life. That, I feel, is a great example. 

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