MW Grooming Special: Scent Of A Man
MW Grooming Special: Scent Of A Man

Sitting across a round table, five MW women are put on a blind test to take a whiff of each scent and envision the man for it

EXPLORER, Mont Blanc




Noha Qadri: This man follows schedules very strictly. He sticks to set principles. It’s the 9-to-5 routine that he enjoys. Like Aamir Khan.


Sanjana Suvarna: I can imagine someone who is quiet and keeps to himself. Though he smells good, he wouldn’t necessarily be my type. Probably Uday Chopra.


Disha Kanabar: This man is sincere and is not really trying something over the top. He is very simple but not necessarily boring. Someone like Rohit Sharma.


Debalina Chaudhuri: This is a very outdoorsy man. He travels frequently and starts his day early. Somebody who’s quick on his feet and very casual. Someone like Irrfan Khan.


Vipasha Bhatt: I think this person is older but wants to be younger. I’m very indifferent to this fragrance. I would be indifferent to the man as well. The actor is Harshvardhan Kapoor.




THE ONLY ONE, Dolce & Gabbana






Noha Qadri: It’s very “attar-y”. The man for me is clean-cut, sweet talker, and a charmer. Just plain charm flowing everywhere. I can only associate it with Shah Rukh Khan.


Sanjana Suvarna: The man is sweet, extremely playful, high on energy, high on life. Ranveer Singh would be my pick.


Disha Kanabar: This man is too sweet to be true. He’s playful, the ‘good boy’ type. So for me, it’s Ayushmaan Khurrana.


Debalina Chaudhuri: The fragrance is for a man who suits up on most occasions. He doesn’t have to necessarily musk up to stay macho. He’s very much in control. Somebody who doesn’t mind the chocolate sweetness and is a charmer for sure.


Vipasha Bhatt: I actually think the fragrance is strong. The man who wears it is strong too. He’s not someone you can pin down, very soft-spoken but hardcore. I think Ranbir Kapoor.








Noha Qadri: This is a man who knows his taste. He knows what he wants and loves the routine. He is in control and this is his pick. For me, it’s Adil Hussain.


Sanjana Suvarna: He’s a complete ladies’ man. He definitely knows how to please a woman. If you’re into chocolate boys, he is the man for you. He’s coy but also manly. I’ll say, Aditya Roy Kapoor.


Disha Kanabar: To me, this guy is a sweet talker. He’s a charmer and has actually tried on a few perfumes and now knows that this works for him. He doesn’t need to try a lot and is great with women. To me, he is Rajkummar Rao


Debalina Chaudhuri: He’s gone through a few bottles of different kinds of perfumes to have arrived at this. He puts it on after a shower. The man is very relaxed and not necessarily trying to make a bold statement. He has “been there, done that”. I don’t think this man would particularly care about how he’s being smelled by a woman because he knows he’s being swooned by them. Someone like Fawad Khan.


Vipasha Bhatt: The man who wears this perfume is polite and punctual. He’s established in his work. He’s a feminist who opens the door for you if need be. He’s also someone who is chill. Ayushmann Khurana for me.








Noha Qadri: The man is someone who is still trying out new things. He is trying to figure out his way in his career and aiming to make it big. For me, it comes out to be Aditya Roy Kapoor, who is cool, good-looking, smells good but is still experimenting.


Sanjana Suvarna: The perfume is really sporty, so it’s a man who is a lot younger and just wants to smell good all the time. I’d go for a young celebrity like Ishaan Khattar.


Disha Kanabar: I can picture a man who is well-groomed, the kind who smells good all the time and sticks to one classic fragrance. Someone who’s above the age of 40 and is a workaholic. He is always calm. I can only think of Ranbir Kapoor because I feel he would pick this all the time.


Debalina Chaudhuri: The fragrance is strong so it has to be someone who wants to leave a mark and doesn’t want to be forgotten.








Noha Qadri: This is a man who is very impulsive and spontaneous. It’s a task to keep up with his mood swings. He is sensitive but also completely in control. Like a mix of cool, smart, aggressive and impulsive. The person who came to my mind is Virat Kohli.


Sanjana Suvarna: The scent comes across as fruity to me, so I would imagine somebody who is a complete chiller in life. He doesn’t really care what people think about him. He’s well-groomed but not over-the-top. The guy is well aware of his good looks and likes spending on himself. The celebrity would be Varun Dhawan.


Disha Kanabar: The scent hit me in a very spicy manner. So this man is very eccentric. He likes changing very quickly. He is not constant. But of course, he is intelligent. There’s also an element of mystery in him. He’s someone who likes to experiment. For me, it’s Sushant Singh Rajput.


Debalina Chaudhuri: The kind who’s sporty and casual. It’s his plus one perfume. He’s fast and quick and doesn’t care about subtleties. Somebody like Akshay Kumar.


Vipasha Bhatt: He is very casual, very informal. He runs to office. This is someone who works on his own terms. And doesn’t really care about what’s trending, what’s hip. He does what he likes. And he is sporty. Actually, Milind Soman would wear this

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