Whether you are having Christmas drinks with colleagues or a wild one with your buddies, dressing up is a part of the deal. Fashion designers put together a holiday dressing guide for the festive season.

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What does vengeful fashion look like? 2021 is proof. With the pandemic wave, loads of dressing opportunities were missed out on, giving rise to ‘revenge dressing’. The idea behind revenge dressing is that we’re all making up for the lost time when we were stuck at home. Now that the holiday season is right upon us, we’re eager to start wearing the things that have sat dormant in our closets for too long. This festive season, designers share how to dress for your favourite holiday occasions, and to end the year in style.


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Recommended by: Karrtik Dhingra

What to wear: An ideal outfit option would be casual/semi-formal suits depending on the kind of event you’re attending. Colour options are navy, brown, light blue, or grey. You can also go for separates such as a pair of trousers or jeans and blazer or suede jacket with a dress shirt underneath and brown or tan shoes. A trench coat would be a good option to try with pin roll jeans (for a casual event), or you can pair it with formal trousers as well.

How to wear it: Again, this totally depends on the kind of invitation you’re getting. If it is casual, make sure you’re relaxed, and do not look overdressed and if it’s semi-formal, you can wear a tie, which is optional, though. Anything that makes you overdressed, like formal suits or ties when it’s a casual event can be skipped.



Recommended by: Hemant Sagar

What to wear: A weighted crepe shirt paired with matching fitted pants. while a devoré velvet blazer can be layered on a hand sequined shirt. These decadent details are offset by reinvented comfort wear. For Fall’21, label Genes Lecoanet Hemant has introduced the story of Reflect, to make finer sartorial choices.

How to wear: The key is to layer the look effortlessly. Sharp tailoring and subtle surface details are the highlights of the season. If the party leans more towards a casual vibe, then ditch your regular sweatshirts and button-downs and opt instead for a more artistic approach. Think enigmatic snowclad mountains printed on a luxe bomber jacket. Throw it over a classic Genes striped logo tee and complete the look with immaculately cut Reidar trousers in twill.


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Recommended by: Nachiket Barve

What to wear: When you are dressing for a Christmas party, dress with polish and style, but don’t look like Santa Claus. You can pair nice autumnal colours like deep wine, blacks, charcoal grey, and navy. If you have the confidence, you can perhaps carry a brighter colour. If you are doing metallic embellishments, stick to tonal colours rather than going fullout psycho bling.

How to wear: Here, the fit is the key. I recommend wearing something that works on your body, personality, and designation. Go for the best quality you can afford as you are stepping into a professional environment, it should look like you are putting a brand out there than trying to do something trashy. Whether it is a date or a Christmas party, just wear something that highlights your best features. Stick to great fabrics and something that makes you look like the best version of yourself rather than following trends blindly.



Recommended by: Abhishek Paatni

What to wear: The best thing about a date during Christmas time is the weather, and hence, the opportunity to layer up. My Christmas date look would be a nice turtle neck with a relaxed tweed blazer, along with some high-waisted pleated pants. Finish the look with some nice Chelsea boots, and a classic leather strap watch. Don’t forget to wear a good perfume.

How to wear: The key is the fit. Understand your body type, and if possible, invest in custom clothing that compliments your proportions. Pro tip: Visit your hairdresser before the date, and get all necessary trims sorted out. Invest in yourself, it’s the best way to look good.