Here’s a thought for the future, let me tell you how it is. The future is the expansion of gender and sexuality. 

What has become now for transgender people, will see a revolutionary change in the next 25 years. In 2050, transgender people will matter, their contributions will matter not only for the country they live in but for the entire world. One of the greatest discoveries in science will be by a transgender person. 

Countries will be still with borders, but the collective consciousness of people in the world will become one large community of humans who will begin to see beyond borders, respecting and accepting each other. Within the large sphere of the human race will be each community unearthing its own roots and beginnings, finding the hidden knowledge about their respective ancestors, their wisdom in science, technology, medicine, astronomy, and spirituality. In 2050, we will look back at ourselves, and be ashamed of how casteist, racist, and fundamentalist we had been. How we were divided by the colour of skin and the languages we spoke? We will be ashamed of how much money we had spent on war, and ignored the poor. Does it all sound like a distant utopian dream, or just an impossibility?  

In the future, we will realise that diversity in gender and sexuality is natural, and there has been much injustice done to the homosexual and transexual population over holding on to centuries of outdated law across the world. Gender justice will prevail, and men, women, transgender people, and non-binary will be treated equally and enjoy their rights. 

The future belongs to those who embrace each other and acknowledge our presence. In contemporary Indian society, the identities beyond the binaries of male and female are still looked at as taboo, and it stinks how we still refuse to acknowledge that it is okay to be gay or trans. The future will belong to those who contribute to the intellectual, spiritual, and spiritual consciousness of humanity. LGBTQI people will be at the centre of that, making this world a more meaningful and beautiful place. 

In 2050, the then Indian youth will read about how transgender people were stigmatised and were exploited for more than 200 years, and they will make sure that mistake never happens ever again. Transgender individuals will not be begging anymore, nor will they be standing on roads for sex work. That will be regarded as an ignorant previous generation’s horrible crime against the transgender community. It will be regretted. 

2050 will begin the light-years for the transgender community, there will be transgender people who will own massive corporations, will be influential leaders and politicians, will sweep the world with charm and art, will lead in education, science, and research. Medical miracles will happen and be discovered by transgender individuals. 

Marriage will be a new meaningful union without any strains for LGBTQI people. Across many countries all over the world, LGBTQI leaders will unite to develop new strategies to keep this world more peaceful. Transgender astronomers will fly to Mars, or someone who had travelled to Mars will out himself/herself as trans. True love will blossom, and love of all kinds will be accepted. 

And India? Well, India will be the heartbeat of spiritual knowledge more than ever; it will also be the heartland for transgender people all over the world. 

Does whatever I say sound like an imaginary utopian wish, or a distant dream, or a psychedelic idea? No, not at all, not for me. I strongly believe everything I have revealed to you, dear reader,  will be possible and can happen.  It will happen. To create the world I have just shown you with my words, in the future, we start from now, from today. We start this change by getting to know people who are transgender, non-binary or LGB. In the distant past, someone imagined the world today, right? And look at where we are. The world today is connected closely through technology more than ever in the history of mankind, so why won’t it be possible that we’ll reach a point where we will be connected through our consciousness and knowledge? We certainly will. 

The future belongs to us trans people. The future is non-binary.