With menswear fashion weeks kicking off the year, the runways saw trends that will shape the coming fall and winter season. From ’90s vests making a comeback to mini bags, we find out the future of fashion this year.


Silk pyjama for Zoom meetings? Hell yes. A lot of brands have reimagined the classic pyjama in silk, and levelled it up in their own way. At Dior, the military suits in mohair had a nightwear-infused appeal, while at Prada, knitted two-pieces and onesies looked like the thing everyone would wear until the pandemic is over.


Pyjama Party


’90s VESTS

The pandemic created a major moment for knitwear and everything comfortable. A range of vests marching down the runways marked the moment of the return of the ’90s. These vests were seen on the runways of Hermès, Fendi, Etro, and Louis Vuitton in different shades, patterns, and cuts.


90s Vest



Most designers went ahead with classic tailoring this season, but many did decide to show one form of suit, and gave suits a twist to ease in the lockdown life. Louis Vuitton saw a new take on the suit with pockets and dark tones, while Ermenegildo Zegna’s model strutted down the runway in earthy toned suits.




The dress shoe was already making its return to the runway last year. This year, the shoe came in with a little extra touch. Prada and Louis Vuitton brought back the real shoe in a chunky loafer form, combined with cosy socks.




Briefcases and suitcases are great, but for running an errand at the local store, mini bags are the ones for you this fall. These bags are far more practical, and designed for carrying only the basic essentials. From cross-body mini bags at Issey Miyake to bags worn like necklaces at Etro and Fendi, this is a new breed of high-function gear that’s perfect for storing face masks and sanitisers.




What’s fall fashion without leather ensembles? This year, trench coats were limited, and the energy was moved to long leather coats. Oversized coats were seen at Loewe, and a hint of the ’70s was showcased at Casablanca and Paul Smith.




A different take on tweed was seen at Tod’s. The collection screamed of classicism, where the models highlighted warm hues with a ’70s backdrop. Relaxed tailoring found a way through fabrics such as tweed and wool. The show highlighted pieces such as the classic trench coat, the hunting jacket, riding pants, and many more.




Who said ruffles had to be feminine? Swirls and origami folds dominated masculinity in 2021, bringing a much needed edge to the conversation of gender fluidity in fashion. We saw ruffled sleeves on suits at Prada, thus making it a trend for this year.