What: Sunglasses and luxury products

What’s in it: Eyescrush was established to solve the issue of accessibility and affordability while shopping for sunglasses. Shades can be quite expensive to buy, and even more expensive to replace. The company came up with a one-of-a-kind subscription service that supplies you with a pair of sunglasses, along with some luxury products, in a box each month that you subscribe for.


What: A box of books and merchandise What’s in it: A book lover’s dream come true. The Big Book Box curates a box around a specific theme every month, with books, fandom merchandise and other goodies, like coffee mugs. They also offer some of the most anticipated reads, which are not easily available in India.


What: A monthly socks subscription

What’s in it: If you’re a hoarder of cute socks, this one is for you. Inskinn is a monthly subscription that offers socks with fun and quirky designs for both men and women. Pick your preference, like crew length or ankle length, the quantity, and that’s it. The experts will handpick the best quality socks and have it delivered. A pair of eye-catching socks definitely adds an appeal to the overall outfit, and a subscription to great boxes makes it even easier


Photo by Jaina Kumar

What: Monthly independent magazine subscription

What’s in it: Paper Planes hosts a roster of bespoke magazines that includes themes such as lifestyle, travel, food, and design. You can choose from international titles such as Monocle, Kinfolk, Cereal, The Paris Review, and many more. The best part about it is that the readers can subscribe to several independent magazines without having to pay the entire subscription amount upfront. For example, if a reader subscribes to multiple magazines, the cost of subscription is split across 12 months.


What: A box of four or more products for your dog’s entertainment

What’s in it: A Woof Box contains toys, bones, all-natural foods, and products depending on the breed of your dog. If you’re looking for fancy personalised gifts for your dog, this is just what you need. From scented collars to customised eating plates to treats, it has everything that your furry friend’s fancies. Also, when you subscribe to the box, a portion of the proceeds will go to help doggies-in-need.


What: Monthly box of anime and comics merchandise

What’s in it: Geek Crate offers subscription boxes for those who are obsessed with comics, movies, video games, television, and anime. Right from Batman to Pokemon, the previous subscription boxes have had included hand-picked products from your favourite fan clubs. In addition, each box has a special T-shirt in your size. It is also a suitable gifting option for your friends.


What: A box filled with skincare and beauty products What: Monthly box of anime and comics merchandise

What’s in it: The box includes five full-sized products that are delivered to your doorstep every month. It’s the perfect way of self-gifting, and even makes for a great gift for a close friend. The previous editions of the box had products such as shower gels, face mists, sheet masks, face serums and more, making it a complete skincare package for some pampering.