Who: Six5Six Street, a collaborative sports and streetwear label, is founded by siblings Avni and Ambar Aneja, and focuses on expression through fashion, and the idea of a new India.

What: Their new collection has some cool statement sweatshirts and graphic tees, and they do a lot of coloured patchwork long coats, camouflage coats, tie-dye denim co ord sets and bleached denim as well.

Recommended by: Siddharth Batra & Nikita Jaisinghani

Why: Batra says, “There’s a lot that this brand does right. Dope streetwear, conversation-starting apparel, eccentric fabric treatments, must-tap-like visual stories, a global appeal, relaxed wear and adaptability through varied styles/weather.” Jaisinghani says, “Streetwear is something that is still quite new to Indian fashion, and this brand has found a way to make a mark for themselves.The fits that they offer are amazing, and also their designs are simply brilliant. The patchwork and prints they use are cool, and the garments are quite affordable.”


Who: A luxury ready-to-wear brand, Countrymade is conceptualised by Sushant Abrol, who has had a decade of experience in fashion, and believes in bringing class craftsmanship in keeping with contemporary design.

What: With a colour palette that’s mainly black and white, their collections feature printed bomber jackets, trench coats with tie-dye print and sharp strokes, as well as coord sets.

Recommended by: Pranay Jaitly & Shounak Amonkar (Who Wore What When)

Why: “This is a brand that believes in sustainability, and believes, that garments are made with innovative craftsmanship. The current collection is exquisite. They launched only in 2019, and we are very excited to see what they do next.”


Who: A menswear brand by designers Apoorav Kaushik and Siddharth Antil, A’MEN launched with the intention of making menswear more sustainable, and create outfits that reduce wastage.

What: Long, sheer jackets with matte sequin embellishments, floralprinted shirts, satin shirts, blazers, etc. The colour palette is mainly lighter colours, with an occasional pink, and orange.

Recommended by: Rishi Raj

Why: “This label is on my list because of its functionality. A’men is one of those distinct, niche and very conceptual labels, without being unwearable.”


Who: Founded by PR professional-turneddesigner Ria Kanal, The Uomo Co. (Uomo means man in Italian), is a brand that focuses more on styling and making the right, sartorial choices in modern day dressing.

What: The brand does pyjama shirts, khaki sushi shirt jackets, kurtas with a twist, classic striped prints. Their summer collection has shades like mango yellow, apricot, and light blue.

Recommended by: Akshay Tyagi

Why: “I like them for their minimal no fuss essentials, which are tailored and classic. The label stands out for me because they’re offering a new, fresh take on everyday basics, and they’re offering it in simple silhouettes without being over detailed.”


Who: Bloni, by designer Akshat Bansal, offers bespoke, couture and prèt-à-porter lines, and is all about promoting the idea of helping men discover that their clothes are an extension of their personality.

What: Mainly known for the tie-dye, there’s a heavy play on the blue, white, and black colours in the collections. The tie-dye is also used in different ways; while some pieces have dip-dye, some are half-dyed.

Recommended by: Nikita Jaisinghani

Why: “I like the craftsmanship. They do tie-dye really beautifully. The colours they use and the pattern they follow are very well thought and put together. I also like the idea that they use Econyl, a regenerated marine plastic waste, to make a lot of their garments.”


Who: Fashion entrepreneur Manishankar Singh’s brand, SNOB (Son of A Noble) is all about removing the negative connotation from the word, and to guide men into picking graphic, contemporary, apparel, and help you make more unapologetic choices.

What: Double-zip kurta, kurtas with tilted plackets, asymmetric jacket in khaki, ivory, and army green, mainly linen clothing, with a colour palette ranging from deep green, stone grey, black, ivory, khaki, navy blue, and red. Recommended by: Pranay Jaitly & Shounak Amonkar

Why: “SNOB designs are a great blend of quirky and sophisticated apparel. They do fun graphics with innovative silhouettes, which add a fresh take on the fashionable choices of the Indian man today.”


Who: LOTA was launched by Delhi-based couple Adhiraj Singh and Shradha Kochhar, with the idea of changing menswear and bringing in a more unique, eclectic style sense, while using industrial scrap fabrics.

What: The brand’s GOLA shirt is a mixture of colours along with asymmetrical prints, which makes it stand out. They do a lot of satin fabrics sewed on printed shirts, animal prints, paisley and plaid print.

Recommended by: Siddharth Batra

Why: “Think impeccable colour stories, ‘cool people’ reps and a rather, unusual take on gender-bending shirts for whoever you are. I’m obsessed with their stuff. To sum it up in everyday millennial lingo, I love their vibe.”