TV show characters have always influenced how we dress. From the styling that goes into a character’s signature look to bringing a vintage trend back, here’s how you can dress like your favourite character, and look the part


rio 1

Played by: Miguel Herrán

Show: Money Heist

Key piece: Red boiler suit How to style: Rio and his other Heist mates have a designated look for every robbery. The classic red boiler suit brings the utilitarian wave back in motion. Opt for earthytone coloured jumpsuits or boiler suits that will enhance your wardrobe. A co-ord set or separates in a monochromatic way works well as a substitute.



Played by: Asa Butterfield

Show: Sex Education

Key pieces: Puffer jacket, striped T-shirts How to style: Most of the time, Milburn is usually spotted in his three-coloured stripped signature puffer jacket, which is a refreshing take on teen fashion with a hint of an everyday casual look. To adopt the boy-next-door trend, all you need to invest in is a good puffer jacket that can be paired with basic tees, or can be worn by itself.


gi hun 3

Played by: Lee Jung-Jae

Show: Squid Game

Key pieces: Colour coordinated loungewear How to style: Of course, Squid Game has to be on the list. The Korean series has been the highlight of the OTT world, and has brought in some of the coolest style trends with it. If you wish to dress like Gi-Hun and the other players, get any coloured loungewear pieces, and pair them with an old white T-shirt, and you’re ready to be number 457.



Played by: Tom Ellis

Show: Lucifer

Key pieces: A classic black and white two-piece suit How to style: Our very own Lucifer Morningstar sets the perfect depiction of business casuals. His ravishing looks, paired with a classic two-piece suit, works right from a busy day at work to a romantic date in the evening. A well-tailored suit works like a charm, an attire that will bring your sense of style to life.


you 2

Played by: Penn Badgley

Show: You

Key pieces: A classic baseball cap, vintage denim jacket How to style: What makes Joe Goldberg stand out? His trademark baseball cap. One such look from the show that seemed like it was put together perfectly was the denim ensemble. To nail it, layer a white T-shirt with a relaxed shirt and a denim jacket. Pair it with some chinos, lace-up boots, a backpack, and of course, the cap.


john b 2

Played by: Chase Stokes

Show: Outer Banks

Key pieces: Hawaiian shirts, paisley scarfs How to style: As soon as Outer Banks aired, the show’s style took over TikTok, where they started dressing as their favourite characters, one of them being John B. Bringing back the classic Hawaiian shirts, the character brought in the messy, casual style, where imperfection is key. The style can be bought new or old, from a thrift store, or even snatched from your dad’s closet. Pair these Hawaiian shirts with paisley scarves or bandanas, and you’re a certified OBX character.