Whether you are an anime fan or just walking into the world of cool action scenes and storylines that get you on the edge of your seat, sweat no more. Here’s a list of all the upcoming and ongoing anime to binge on in 2022.

Kotaro Lives Alone

A lighthearted show to relax is exactly what this anime brings to you with its adaptation on Netflix. Kotaro, a boy, moves into a ramshackle apartment, and becomes friends with a broke manga artist. What makes it interesting? Kotaro lives by himself. Why is that interesting? He is four years old.
Watch on: Netflix

My Dress Up Darling

Rom-coms are always a guilty pleasure, and My Dress Up Darling serves it all. Gojo, a loner in school, has a passion for stitching clothes for dolls. Marin, the popular girl in school who likes being a cosplayer, meets Gojo, and asks him to make costumes for her. What follows is a cutesy story of love, support, and dreams coming true.
Watch on: Gogoanime and Crunchyroll


If you enjoy watching spies, assassins, and a lot of action-filled shows, Spy x Family is the one for you. The anime begins with a spy who has to “build a family” in order to execute a mission. What he doesn’t know is that the girl he adopts can read minds, and the woman he agrees to have a fake marriage with, is an assassin.
Watch on: Netflix and Gogoanime

Sabikui Bisco

Do you enjoy the storylines involving apocalyptic worlds? If so, give this one a try. Bisco Akaboshi is a criminal archer who grows mushrooms everywhere his arrow drops. When a rust-like plague starts spreading, Bisco sets out to look for a mushroom that gets rid of all the mushrooms.
Watch on: Crunchyroll and Gogoanime

Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom of the Elite is finally releasing its second season for all its patient fans. A quiet and unassuming, albeit brilliantly intelligent school boy is dumped in a class of inferior students. His gradual involvement with two classmates changes everything high school was for him, and takes a turn for the dark.
Watch on: Premieres in July 2022 on Netflix

The Eminence In Shadow

If you could reincarnate as someone else, who would you want to be? In this lighthearted anime, a boy loses his life in a car accident, and reincarnates as the son of a noble. The first thing he does is try to fulfill his dreams of wanting to be a shadowbreaker in his past life. But the twist is, he doesn’t know his actions will have some serious repercussions in the real world.
Watch on: Premieres in October 2022

The Devil Is A Part Timer

The very long awaited second season of this 2013 show is finally set to release in July. What if the devil was transported to modern day Japan, and started working in MgRonald’s as a part timer to survive? Yes, that’s exactly what this comedy anime brings to you, with the devil trying to survive in the mortal world.
Watch on: Premieres in July 2022 on Crunchyroll