The ‘ghost of your past’ phrase takes a whole new meaning with this one. The Haunting of Hill House is a Netflix original horror series that is loosely based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of the same name. The series follows the return of five siblings to the house they grew up in, which happens to be one of the most haunted houses in America. Mike Flanagan, the veteran horror film-maker, helped create the series.


Moving away from the witches and zombies, we move to scarier things — humans. The Purge premiered as a film back in 2013 and turned out to be quite the hit. It was eventually turned into a series by Amazon Prime Video and is currently on its second season. It retains the same premise as the film, but is a lot more elaborate this time, while promising the same thrills the original film offered audiences.


Said to be one of the scariest pieces of work you could see on screen, Marianne follows the life of a horror novelist named Emma Larsimon, who has to fight her own demons, literally. Marianne is the demonic witch created by Emma. The witch possesses people and wreaks havoc into Emma’s life. This Netflix original series is bone-chillingly terrifying and promises some sleepless nights.


Typewriter aims to cement India’s place in the horror series segment and it successfully manages to do so. The Netflix original stars Purab Kohli in the lead, who plays a police inspector trying to solve three murders who all seem to have a connection — a haunted mansion. The inspector finds himself teaming up with a group of amateur ghost hunters who share the same interest — to uncover the malicious secrets of that house.


Dracula sees the 400 plus-year-old character coming back to life in 2020. While it is still based on the classic Bram Stoker novel, it goes into a slightly different tangent along the way, giving viewers a new look at Count Dracula. This Netflix original is a mini-series consisting of just three 90-minute episodes, but don’t worry, it has enough creepiness to induce nightmares.


Dark is Netflix’s first German original series now and easily one of its eeriest. A small German town is dealing with the sudden disappearance of two children. But in the search for them, dark secrets are reopened and the town doesn’t feel the same anymore. The concept of the show is unique. It is a trilogy series divided in ‘cycles’, which represent timelines. Currently in its second cycle (or second season), a third season is rumoured to arrive by mid-2020.


What’s horror without some good ol’ zombies? Black Summer is a zombie apocalyptic horror-drama that revolves around a mother and daughter who are separated during a zombie outbreak. The mother sets out to search for her daughter while keeping one primary goal in mind — survival. This Netflix series has all the ingredients of a great zombie drama and definitely sets itself apart from the regular, stereotypical cheesy zombie storylines.


What happens when you take a period drama set in South Korea and add zombies to it? The result is Netflix’s Kingdom. After a plague kills villagers and the king, the prince comes into power and ensures his people’s safety to keep from a plague that is killing people and turning them into blood-hungry zombies. After a successful first season, Kingdom’s second season ensures to deliver a strong plot filled with the same thrills and chills as the first season.