When it comes to the relationship between Bollywood and storytelling, the tide is changing. The focus now is shifting to unique, insightful and thought-provoking narratives from the glamour and the stars. The man on the MW Cover this August, Vikrant Massey, seems to agree.

“The new generation does not idol worship. Gen Z wants relatable stories. They want to devote their time to see characters in which they see themselves, and can see hope. The classic Indian cinema style of storytelling will always remain, but I was never a part of that storytelling. People want to watch real relatable stories, and at the same time, be entertained by it because this is entertainment media,” he tells us.

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He furthers the argument with an analogy, “And this is only going to change from time to time. We update our cellphones, we update our apps, and it is about time we also update ourselves. 10 years ago, maybe, I did not even understand the meaning of feminism. But today because of the public discourse at large, I am far more sensitive towards it.”

He then goes on to give an example of his own self, “There have been course corrections in my own life. I know that where I was 10 years ago, a lot of people are still there. I want to guide them to a better place. Be it feminism, social justice, patriarchy, fascism, I want to guide them for a better tomorrow. We are all part of the same society. I want to share my life and ideas with people. 10 years ago, and I can say this on record to you, we did not have sensitisation to public discourse, we never questioned anything. We did not have gender sensitisation; these things were never discussed at home, in schools, etc. Now, when I’m in a position of privilege of being aware, I want to share how I have evolved by sharing my work.”

Vikrant Massey firmly believes it is his responsibility to give back.

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