Rotten on Netflix will make you think twice about your next meal. The documentary explores supply and demand in terms of food and agriculture. It highlights how the way food is grown, produced, manufactured, and eaten, is not sustainable. Many in the U.S. do not know where their food is coming from, and what it’s contaminated with, while farmers are unable to keep up with the demands of the American consumer, the documentary says. It suggests that consumers try to understand where their food is coming from, and how to eat more consciously through better consumption choices


Fat Fiction is a documentary film on Amazon Prime Video that questions decades of diet advice insisting that saturated fats are bad for us. Along the way, the film reveals the lies that have been told to us about fats. They help you learn which fats are good, which fats are bad, and what can be done to reclaim our health.


As politicians across the world debate the legalisation of recreational and medicinal marijuana, an entirely different narrative has been working out in the favour of patients who use the drug to relieve nausea and pain from cancer treatments and other conditions. Australian journalist Helen Kapalos takes an intimate look at the controversial topic through a 24-year-old man whose use of cannabis during chemotherapy changed the minds of an entire city, including his dad, a former drug-busting police officer, in this documentary on YouTube.


(Un)Well is a six-part Netflix series taking a critical look at some of these wellness trends. Do wellness trends actually help us? This documentary reveals it all. From fasting to bee-sting therapy, the documentary casts a skeptical eye across the industry, while still maintaining empathy for the people involved.


Why Are We Getting So Fat? is a BBC documentary, in which Cambridge University geneticist Giles Yeo explores the obesity epidemic sweeping England. He examines how genetics, gut bacteria, the abundance of inexpensive fast food, and emotional health play into our weight gain, and also explores some promising new treatments for it.


If you’ve been considering switching to a vegan or plant-based diet, the idea that vegans consume less protein and essential vitamins is a major concern. The Game Changers on Netflix uses scientific studies with full references in the credits to show that a vegan lifestyle provides just as much protein as a meat-based one. While some people switch to veganism due to animal welfare or climate change concerns, the documentary focuses solely on the diet’s fitness and muscle-building benefits.


The Mind, Explained is a Netflix Original limited series consisting of five episodes, each around 20 minutes, and narrated by Emma Stone. Each episode covers a different topic or experience of the mind. For instance, there are segments on dreams, anxiety, memory, mindfulness, and even psychedelics. The Mind, Explained is an entertaining and informative show to put on, even if you only have a limited time to sit down and watch.