Everything you need to know about adding leather wear to your collection.

Winter is an excellent time to shed your fear of leather. In the summers, leather can be a punishment but come winter, and it could be the best thing to have in your wardrobe. It’s natural and sturdy, and it would take a lifetime to wear out truly good leather. And for those apprehensive about the way traditional leather is procured, there are options where no animal is harmed. Vegan, full-grain, or split, whatever your choice, here are various ways you can rely on leather to make your everyday outfits look better.



The leather jacket is a quintessential article of clothing, and you will know why once you acquire one. It is versatile, seamlessly usable in settings both casual and semiformal. The only two responsibilities you bear towards a leather garment are: no anti-fit; a leather jacket only looks good fitted, so prioritise fit over brand. The other duty is care — it’s natural and will need regular maintenance, which will ensure endless years of service in return.

Brands to try: Armani, Replay, Superdry, Perona


Leather pants

This is bolder and is not for everyone. You need the physique and maybe even the lanky gait to carry these off effortlessly. Dark shades are better, but a camel/tan shade can work too. Anything else risks looking like upholstery. One does have the option of going for lederhosen (3/4 length leather breeches), but then you need to add seriously carved calves and an extra oomph of nonchalance to that above list of prerequisites.

Brands to try: Versace, Balmain, Zara



This is an easy and practical way to incorporate leather into your outfit without going the whole hog (pun intended). A well-cut waistcoat can be a great way to stay snug and contrast your outfit. Most leather waistcoats come in conservative colours, so don’t expect many colour blocking options. But textural play (suede, for example) can bring in a splash of novelty.

Brands to try: Diesel, Pepe Jeans, Gas



This is for the absolute noobs when they want to use leather but are too shy to openly admit to their burgeoning romance with the fine pelt. A messenger bag, a travel pouch, a backpack, a simple billfold or simply, a cardholder — start small before you blossom big. Apropos wallets, please remember to not use it as a store for your entire year’s stock of bills, receipts, and unwarranted visiting cards — it’s tiring to see lads with unsightly lumps in their back-pockets. Leave your wallet and phone (upside down) on the table every time you sit down as a courtesy to others, but also for the sake of longevity of your leather accessory.

Brands to try: Montblanc, Tumi, Louis Vuitton, Tod’s, Brown Bear



And to finish, we go bold with flair. This won’t be your daily go-to accessory, but we all have, in our lives, adventurous moments when we want to live out our Indiana Jones fantasy. And it’s in times like these that we will need our leather fedora handy. Make sure you are prepared for this moment of heroism when it arrives in your life.

Brands to try: Stetson, Henschel, Saint Martin