We all flock to the theater to watch a new Marvel or DC film and go all gaga over them. But we’ve been ignoring the worth that Indian superheroes hold and their potential for a great film or franchise. 

Here we look at five such superheroes that deserve their very own films:



Probably one of the most famous Indian comic superhero, Doga, is a martial art expert, a perfect marksman and an absolute bad-ass. Raised by gangster Halkan Singh, Doga was treated like a dog and hence learnt to communicate with canines. Doga survives to take revenge on Halkan Singh and his gang and fights anything evil in his way. 

Indian filmmaker Anurag Kahsyap was planning to produce a Doga film with Kunal Kapoor starring in it, but unfortunately, he dropped his plans for the film.


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After being handed a special suit made by his uncle, Parmanu, goes on a path of vengeance after witnessing the murder of his classmate. He hunts for the murderer of his parents and fights any form of corruption and evil. His special suit is infused with atom manipulation technology that helps him fly, shrink and deliver atomic blasts.


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Set in the backdrop of a futuristic city, Devi was embodied into Tara Mehta, and was created by Gods to fight the demon Bala.


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Super Commando Dhruva

After realising the fire in which his parents died was a planned attack, Dhruva, a trained acrobat, goes into commando level training to help avenge the death of his parents and to rid evil from the world around him. 


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After a corrupt officer kills his family, Birtish soldier Jensen goes on a journey of enlightenment by taking refuge with Sadhus. After gaining years of training and developing mystical powers, Jensen has to choose between seeking revenge or maintaining his enlightenment. 


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