We’ve always been huge fans of Transformers. Hasbro conceptualised cool toys that was every little kid’s dream. Then, we got the animated series, which we all enjoyed and adored. It also got the attention of Michael Bay, who decided to bring the Autobot Vs. Decepticon war to our screens. But in 2020, the characters returned in their glorious animated forms through Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy.



The series was extremely enjoyable, and reminded us how the animated series is miles ahead of the live-action films we’ve seen. We’ve identified five main reasons for that. Scroll below to go through them all:

No Fear of Bad CGI


There’s nothing more disappointing than bad CGI in a film like Transformers. We don’t have any complaints with the effects we’ve seen in the films, but there’s always an underlying fear as a fan they might screw up the awesome animations.
(*coughs while remembering Henry Cavill in Justice League*)


No Dependence On Acting


Yes, we know. Animated shows need great voice actors, but at least we can be sure of some great expressions that have been drawn brilliantly in the animated versions. That’s not the case with the films, is it? Case in point, John Cena.


No Unnecessary Distractions


Let’s face it. The films cashed in on the Megan Fox obsession and used her as the stereotypical ‘hot-girl’ in the film. A majority of people wouldn’t complain, but being the nerds we are, we definitely prefer the animated series which is focused on the inter-galactic war.


We Can Stick To Great Storylines


For a movie to be made, the studio and producers always expect storylines to be twisted and adjusted for a movie. But with animated series, we get the raw, unfiltered battles and story arcs that we’ve always loved, without having to fear it’ll get cut out by an unhappy producer.


Reminder Of Our First Love — The Toys

Look, the films were great. But the animated series has always reminded us of our first love, the Hasbro Transformer toys. To commemorate the release of the new animated series, we even got the new collection of Transformers. In case you want to expand your collection, you can buy them on Amazon by clicking HERE.