Actor Swara Bhasker’s web-series is already getting rave reviews. Flesh is the story of Radha, a cop who fights demons – within as well as in the outside world. She works at the Anti Human Trafficking Unit in the Mumbai Police force. She’s not much for rules but is single-minded about catching the people who buy and sell human beings. A young NRI girl is kidnapped one evening and Radha is on the hunt. How she finds the girl forms a large chunk of the story. There is also a parallel track where a rural woman investigating the random and apparently mindless killing of her husband breaks open a child sex trafficking racket.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch the show which is available on Eros Now:

  • Swara Bhasker is incredible in her portrayal of a badass, give-a-damn cop who is as liberal with breaking the rules as she is with using desi gaalis. Classic. She portrays the character with élan and seems at ease with the often twisted story.
  • The initial drafts of the series were written by the one and only, Pooja Ladha Surti who has a penchant for twisted and convoluted storylines that grab you by the neck when you least expect it. She manages to close almost all the loopholes and that’s a task in itself. Just like with Andhadhun, Phobia, and Ek Hasina Thi, Surti’s character of Radha is not one-tone but multi-dimensional.

  • It’s always refreshing and important to see LBGTQIA+ characters on screen because so many of us growing up did not feel represented. While Akshay Oberoi plays a manic bisexual, Rohit Mehra plays the character of a nerdy, gay cop who is a recovering alcoholic and a white-hat hacker. Their sexualities do not form the basis of their storylines and that is refreshing to see – it is a part of them but not the only part.
  • The series, while massy and sensational to a level, manages to reveal the frustratingly slow and ancient nature of the Indian legal system. Had it not been for Radha’s penchant for breaking rules, the NRI girl in question might have never been found. However, it also does show that there are enough good policewomen and policemen who risk their lives daily for the greater good.
  • The supporting cast is magnificent. Vidya Malvade, Yudhistir Urs, Mahima Makwana form an important part of the storyline though Malvade’s character could have been better explored. Almost every character has a backstory and they do their part well.