Our loyalty has always been with the good guys, but sometimes, the bad guys just make more sense. It’s fun to be bad sometimes, just ask all the villains on this list.

From Joker to Killmonger, we roundup the movies where we ended up rooting for the bad guys:




Suicide Squad is a team full of villains fighting worse villains. So you have a decision to make, root for the bad guys or the worse guys. Most likely, you’ll end up supporting the Suicide Squad. Unless they take on the Justice League.




Okay, there are two reasons for this. First if all, Killmonger’s argument of sharing Wakanda’s resources with the rest of Africa made sense right from the beginning. Secondly, if Michael B. Jordan plays Killmonger, you’re left with no other option than to root for him.




Remember Eddie Brock from Spider-Man 3? Life was hard on the man, and Spider-Man just made it worse. Okay, he was a bit cocky, but he lost his girlfriend, his job and only became Venom because he was praying in a church where Peter Parker was busy getting rid of the alien symbiote. Ever heard of consent, Spider-Man?




Joker is a deranged psychopath, but we still love him. He’s just that well-written that no matter what he does, you can’t hate him. Even though we’re fans of Heath Ledger, in this case, we’re talking specifically about Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. The film helped us understand his traumatic backstory and society’s role in making him the man he became, so you can’t hate on that.




Okay, hear us out. Let’s understand one thing. Human beings aren’t doing any favours on planet Earth and the environment. Nor do we care to change our ways. So in a world where over-population is a growing problem, Thanos’ snap solution actually seems… Logical.