Actor Aamir Khan is fondly known as Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood – and for good reason. The actor goes to great lengths to prepare for his movies. For Laal Singh Chaddha, Khan has decided to turn off his cell phone till the film releases. For Dangal, he put on weight and shed it during the course of the shoot. For Dhoom, he got professional aerobics training and stunned everyone with his physique and then, of course, there was Ghajini.

Here are 5 times when Aamir Khan was a perfectionist through and through.

Laal Singh Chaddha

It is a known fact that Aamir Khan truly gets into the role he’s playing but can you imagine just turning off your phone like that? It’s definitely easier when you are super rich and have a manager and PR person to field your calls. Bollywood Hungama reports that the actor believes that the phone is becoming an obstacle in achieving peak perfection in his art and hence, he has taken this extreme step. Laal Singh Chadha is one of Bollywood’s most anticipated movies and also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan. The two actors are coming together again for the first time after 3 Idiots.

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Every January 1st, the majority of the world makes the resolution to join the gym and make a startling comeback and fitness transformation. By February, most of us have discarded our gym memberships and gotten back to our unhealthy ways. Aamir Khan is not one of those people. For his role as Mahavir Phogat, the actor made an astounding transformation from 97 kgs to a dude with six-pack abs.
“I suggested to the director that I should put on weight first as 80 per cent of the film revolves around my fat avatar. Also, if I shoot those parts later then I will be left with no motivation to shed the extra kilos,” Khan said in a video that was released before the film. During the course of the film’s shoot, Khan went from someone with 38 per cent body fat to 9 per cent.


Ghajini is, perhaps, the most shocking of them all, simply because it was the first time we’d seen Khan take such stringent measures to get into the skin of his character. The 2008 blockbuster hit showed Khan in a never-before-seen avatar with an 8-pack and tattoos all over his body. There was also the famous Ghajini haircut. Khan spent 13 months trying to achieve his look for the film.

Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan plays a gymnast in this movie from the Dhoom franchise so it came as no surprise when he enlisted the help of fitness trainer Gerald Zarcilla who is a noted acrobat himself. His training regimen also included CrossFit which everyone knows can be extremely tough but also immensely rewarding.


All one remembers of PK is that Khan was partially nude for the movie – a scene that was used in the posters for the film and which became a wet dream for many. However, in the movie, Khan also had to sport an accent and essay various roles, all of which he did with panache.

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