Don’t get us wrong, Akshay. We love you. But we have to say that you do annoy us sometimes, mainly because we expect nothing but good things from you. You’ve been doing some killer films of late, and your screen presence is one of the best in the industry. With your acting skills, you can make even a dull scene look boring. But, after what you did yesterday, we’ll take some time to form a nice opinion about you again. 

Let’s take a look at some such instances.

When He Flagged Off A Women’s Marathon With An ABVP Flag

Seriously, what were you thinking?

When He Made That ‘Main Aapko Bajata Huu’ Statement To Mallika Dua

Seriously, we don’t even know what you meant when you told Mallika Dua, ““Aap bell bajaao, mai aapko bajaata hu.” If your comments didn’t have a sexual connotation, then we are not sure exactly what you meant. What added fire to our annoyance, is Twinkle Khanna penning a long letter in support of her husband.

When You Starred In Entertainment

It was a film where a dog is supposed to be the heir of an empire. Seriously, is that even a funny premise? Together with Krishna, you assaulted both our brains and senses.

When You Did That ‘Wicked Sunny’ Walk In Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

It was great of you to play second fiddle to Salman Khan, but doing that ‘Wicked Sunny’ move was as lame as anything we’ve ever seen in a David Dhawan film. Agreed, that the movie was a success, but it wasn’t palatable for us at all.

When he sang “Mujhme Tuu”

Seriously, you’re an actor Askhay. Why would you sing a song? We know the song was auto-tuned to make you sound bearable, but it was not like the song demanded your voice. A rap in Chandni Chowk to China is acceptable, but a romantic ballad in your voice isn’t. Please don’t do it again.