We might just hear Aamir Khan say “see is on hard drugs” soon on screen. Filmfare reports that Aamir Khan had teamed up with Shakun Batra for his next venture which was supposed to be a Netflix series but will now be a feature film instead. The project will reportedly have Khan essay the role of controversial godman Osho who has recently become a major subject of interest following the release of Wild Wild Country.

While Aamir appears to be a good choice, here are five others who would be brilliant in the role:

Irrfan Khan

Aamir Khan Osho

With the right make-up and prosthetics, Irrfan could pass as Osho beautifully. It goes without saying that he would act the role like he was born for it.

Vicky Kaushal

Aamir Khan Osho

Can you imagine the dishy Vicky Kushal playing Osho? He’s done justice to every role he’s portrayed and this wouldn’t be any different.

Jim Sarbh

Aamir Khan Osho

From Malik Kafur to Osho? We say, why not.

Ranveer Singh

Aamir Khan Osho

There’s possibly only one person in the industry who is almost as crazy as Osho and that’s Ranveer. And well, there’s nothing that VFX can’t fix these days.

Meryl Streep

Aamir Khan Osho

“Meryl Streep could play Batman and be the right choice.” If you’ve seen Modern Family, you’ll get the reference.

The magazine further reports that Batra is keen on casting Alia Bhatt in the role of Ma Anand Sheela who played a huge role in Osho’s life and also managed to steal the limelight from under everyone’s noses in the Netflix documentary.

The project is set to begin by the end of this year. Aamir, Alia or Batra have not officially confirmed this news yet.