Abhay Deol is to be a part of Disney’s upcoming show, Spin. He would be playing the father to the teenaged protagonist.

When asked if he has any reservations about playing a father to a teen on-screen, he brought up how male actors in Bollywood are cast against women half their age to play out a romantic narrative. In an environment where that is acceptable, very little would actually be icky.

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“If I had to have qualms about anything then I would have had them 10-12 years ago doing what I was doing in Bollywood. I have never really held back; I am quite secure in who I am and where I come from. The Netflix show that I am doing spans 20 years, I go from 39 to 59. I can play my age, I can play 10-12 years younger still, so I am just having fun,” he told Bollywood Life in an interview.

“As long as people are convinced that I am that role whether at 35 or 45, I would like to do both. You just got to take care of yourself so that you can pass for the ages that you play. I would like to stick to that window. Bollywood still will cast actors who are in their 50s opposite girls who are in their 20s and not even make it about an older man and younger girl, they will make them look like as a couple. In that environment, what does it matter?”

Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn are some names that have all been paired opposite much younger heroines, despite having crossed the age of 50.

Announcing his role in the film, Deol had written on Instagram back in June, “I am aware that most of my audience love me for making edgy, alternative narratives, that challenge the status quo. Which is why this film is all the more special as it is a departure from my own status quo, and catering to a much younger audience. Spin is a Disney film that will go live on their platform for US audiences on August 13. It is a gem of a movie, that will leave you smiling and feeling good. Blessed to be a part of it.”


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Along with Abhay Deol, Avantika Vandanapu would be seen as Rhea, the daughter to Deol’s character in the show. Meera Syal and Simhadri also make up part of the cast. The show will be available in the US on the Disney channel, starting August 13. It will later premiere on Disney+ Hotstar from August 15 for the audience in India.

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