India has a very rich contemporary history of cricket; the sport may as well be the nation’s favourite. The men in blue have seen many a wardrobe change. In the ’90s every ODI tournament or series meant a different jersey. The changes may have become less frequent, but are just as sensational.

Recently, the latest Billion Cheers jersey was unveiled to the fans;

But they may not have been as receptive as the BCCI might have hoped.

On the occasion of the unveiling of the latest kit, let us look at some of the previous uniforms donned to play on team India.

  1. Benson & Hedges World Cup (1992)

This navy blue was so popular amongst fans, it has inspired one of the latest revisions. The team played with a default design pattern of broad strips on shoulders meant for all teams participating.

Benson & Hedges World Cup (1992) Jersey

  1. Hero Cup (1993)

Team India returned to their sky blue with these jerseys, What also set them apart was the vertical line down the side instead of a horizontal one.

Hero Cup

  1. Indian Tricolour Jersey (2002–2006)

This was the first kit to bring in the iconic splash of the tricolour that we would continue to see for many years.


  1. World Cup (2007)

This was the uniform team India was in whilst securing the first-ever World Cup win for the nation. Needless to say, the jersey made a special place in the people’s hearts, with many fans looking to wear similar ones.

world cup 2007

  1. The 2009 -2010 Jersey

In this darker version of the 2007 jersey, we see the tricolour in a swirl and touches of saffron in places like the collar. This one saw a special moment, too, when Sachin Tendulkar became the first batsman to score a Double Hundred in ODI wearing it.

  1. World Cup (2019)

The home jersey saw no major change in the ten years since, the colours, especially, remained the same, keeping it simple.

World cup 2019 jersey

However, for this world cup, the team needed an away jersey, which came in a likeness of the ones a decade earlier and was of a darker colour palette.

2019 away jersey

Which one do you like best?

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