Bear Grylls has ventured into the wildlands with some of India’s biggest celebrities, including southern superstar Rajnikanth and even the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. But nobody made an impression like Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

The hype surrounding Akshay Kumar’s Into The Wild with Bear Grylls episode was through the roof, and it all paid off when the episode aired on September 14. The impressive TRP figures helped catapult the episode to the top of viewership lists, and broke a few records in the process.


Starting off with social media, #KhiladiOnDiscovery reached out to 1.31 billion users and accumulated 2.9 billion impressions. In terms of viewership, about 1.1 crore people watched its premiere on the Discovery Network, and almost 2.6 crore people watched the show in the first week across Discovery Network channels. Akshay Kumar’s episode is also the second highest-rated show in the infotainment genre (Discovery Channel).



The episode didn’t just showcase Kumar and Grylls’ survival skills, but also recorded the two bonding over a cup of elephant poop tea while talking about their families.

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