The coronavirus pandemic has really turned 2020 into the shittiest year in recent memory. While social distancing and staying at home is an absolute must, the national lockdowns have proved to be a nightmare for cinemagoers.

Producers and directors have a huge task ahead of themselves even if film shoots do resume soon. And according to media reports, the Akshay Kumar spy drama Bell Bottom will be the first Hindi film to start shooting post the lockdown.

To this effect, the production team has made an ambitious plan to ensure all cast and crew are safe. According to Filmfare, there will be multiple sanitizing stations on the sets along with wristwatches monitoring oxygen, temperature & blood pressure with a centralized dashboard to track the team’s health. This wristwatch will be given to every team member and the dashboard will be constantly monitoring every person on the team.

“The new normal has made us realise a different way of working that none of us could have imagined. As much as I’m happy to be back on the sets, it’s also important for us to take care of everything around us. Pooja Entertainment has laid down a safety plan for our shooting schedule abroad. We hope these measures help us accomplish a smooth and safe shoot,” said Kumar, according to the entertainment portal.