Actor Amitabh Bachchan was successfully treated for the novel coronavirus and has revealed how he spent time in the hospital.

Sharing his routine, he wrote in Hindi, “Yahan kuch logon ke sath unke vicharon pe uttar diye, kuch swayam soch vichaar kiya, kuch purane cricket match dekhe, kuch samay vishraam kiya, ek documentary dekhi, naam na bataoonga, dawaayon ka sevan kiya, mobile mein kitne gunn chhupe hain, unka gyan prapt kiya, pranaam kiya (I replied to people here (on Twitter) reverting to their thoughts, did some thinking myself. I watched few old cricket matches, I rested for some time. I watched a documentary but I won’t reveal its name. I had some medicines and then spent some time knowing more about the mobile phone and finally I did a pranaam (Indian salutation) too).”

Bachchan is currently at home after having spent a considerable amount of time at Nanavati hospital.

“There are of course many other anxieties that trouble the mind. Government authorities have stipulated that those at 65 age and above cannot go out to work …a few days back that age limit was reduced even further to 50 yrs,” Bachchan had written earlier on his blog regarding concerns about work in a post-COVID-19 world.