A video of Selena Gomez singing along to Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored with friends made its way onto the internet. Ariana Grande has shared the clip.

“CUTIES ARE YOU KIDDING @SelenaGomez LOVE YOU,” Grande wrote in an Instagram Story on Saturday, August 14, where she posted the video featuring the track from her latest album.

The video of Gomez and her pals grooving to the song at the dinner table was originally posted on the band Girlpool’s TikTok account on Friday night.

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A similar video shows the group singing along with another song from the same album, Needy.

Grande and Gomez have been friendly. Last year, the God is a woman singer sent over bouquets of flowers in the shape of ice cream cones after Gomez dropped her single with K-Pop group BLACKPINK, Ice Cream.

The two are yet to collaborate on a musical project.

Grande and Gomez are not following each other on Instagram, which makes many claim there is an air of rivalry.

“Ok but why aren’t ariana and selena following each other on instagram?”

Fans of the two musicians may have opposing views. One such fan wrote, “Love how people still pit selena and ariana against each other when they clearly adore each other.”

“ARGH seeing Ariana posted the video of Selena singing her song “break up with your girlfriend” is so cute. I love seeing them having each other’s backs.”

“I need a Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande Collaboration,” said a fan.

Another said, “When taylor, selena and ariana all hang out together ….. world collapse i fear.”

Gomez has been having other kind interactions with fellow female pop stars of late.

Only last week, she left a kind comment on Britney Spears’ Instagram, when Spears quoted one of her songs in the caption of an avocado toast how-to video. “Love you @britneyspears!” Gomez wrote in response. “You’re welcome to come cook with me any time!”

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