Thor: Ragnarok is the most successful movie ever made on the Greek god of thunder. Taika Waititi’s brilliant direction and writing helped the film get there, and Waititi was very particular about how this new take on Thor should be. Starting first, from his appearance. That’s where Andy Park comes in. Park is Marvel Studios’ director of visual development, and was responsible for creating early concept sketches of Chris Hemsworth as Thor to help shape his look for be film.

His first sketch still remains visually close to Thor in the last two films. “Quarantined Thor? Old Man Thor? No, this is actually the most extreme concept version I came up with on how scruffy our Lord of Thunder could look like in Thor: Ragnarok. @taikawaititi wanted a different & road-worn looking Thor that hasn’t groomed himself in some time. I knew it was too far but that’s what you gotta do in concept art- give the director & producers the range of options so they could feel confident in the direction they choose. Sometimes they surprise you & pick the one you thought was “too far.” Thank God they didn’t pick this one,” he captioned his post.


However, the second look revealed by Park is a lot more experimental. We see Thor with a buzz cut and armour, which isn’t too bad in our opinion, but we still prefer the Thor we watched in Ragnarok.



“And here’s the other extreme end of the spectrum! This is a haircut I did during preproduction of Thor: Ragnarok if @therealstanlee went even crazier with those knarly blades of his,” Park captioned his second post.