Aryaman Deol

Bobby Deol’s Son, Aryaman Deol – Bollywood’s Next Big Heartthrob?

Ever heard of Aryaman Deol? Probably not but the surname should give you a hint as to who he is

Ever heard of Aryaman Deol? Probably not, but the surname should give you a hint as to who he is. At the International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) this year, Aryaman was snapped with father Bobby Deol and people were instantly intrigued. It probably helps that he looked quite dapper in a tuxedo.

Unlike other star kids, very little is known about Aryaman and that is a conscious choice made by his father, Bobby. “I just want my kids to be away from all this limelight because once they grow older, they will definitely be exposed to all this. I want them to grow in their own environment and not get too influenced by the show business,” the actor told Hindustan Times in October last year.


“Privacy is also very important, and I feel the paparazzi culture takes it away. They are studying at this point and I’m sure they would want to get into Bollywood because there is no business like show business. And then, they would anyway be used to this media limelight,” he added, according to HT.

And Aryaman Deol’s father has succeeded in this endeavour. Not only are most people completely unaware of his existence, there are also very few pictures of him available in the public domain.

(Header credits: @viralbhayani on Instagram)