Former President Barack Obama is back with another of his much-awaited summer roundup lists, which includes his favourite songs and book recommendations. The playlist is a mix of some expected songs, along with a few surprises, while the reading suggestions are top of the shelf. 

Obama’s playlist , as usual, had range — from edgy rap and R&B songs to some old classics, with a little alt-rock and country, as a nod to his podcast-mate, Bruce Springsteen. As for his summer reading list, it’s a combination of books on adventurous, positive and socially relevant topics. 

Sharing the lists, he tweeted, “Every year, I get excited to share my summer playlist because I learn about so many new artists from your replies — it’s an example of how music really can bring us all together. Here’s what I’ve been listening to this summer. What songs would you add?”

Talking about the books, Obama tweeted, “I’ve read a couple of great books this year and wanted to share some of my favourites so far. What have you been reading this summer?”

While this time around, Obama  did not mention any Indian artists on his list, Prateek Kuhad did appear on his 2019 Summer playlist. His song Cold/Mess landed at the 22nd position on it. Pakistani singer Arooj Aftab also struck a chord, given that he featured Aftab’s Mohabbat in his 2021 summer playlist as well.

(Featured Image Credits: Twitter @barackobama)