We’ve all been there where we’ve been either stoned out of our minds or drunk till we’re laughing at almost anything or when it’s 3 am in the morning and we’re bored and unable to sleep. These are the moments when your brain is so pliable that it’ll find anything funny/interesting/satisfying. 

Ever run your hand across your earlobe or scratched an itch somewhere on your body that made you feel satisfied af? Well, there are these videos that you should find weird but are actually oddly satisfying.

Below, we list a bunch of these videos that you can play the next time you face any of the scenarios mentioned in the first paragraph.

Blackhead removal


Soap cutting videos:


Oddly Satisfying Nail Care Clipping


These videos should creep us out or disgust us but for some odd reason, they are oddly satisfying. I mean, who would have thought that pimple popping would be so much fun?