What’s a Beyonce album that doesn’t create a stir? The queen is back with a bang. And, her seventh studio album, Renaissance ,is proof. However, she’s currently in the eye of the storm for one of the tracks titled “Heated” from the album. The disability equality charity Scope recently slammed the singer for using an ableist slur in the track.

Warren Kirwan, Media Manager at disability equality charity Scope, retorted, “It’s appalling that one of the world’s biggest stars has chosen to include this deeply offensive term.” Scope has now requested the singer to re-record the song, which is co-written by Canadian rapper Drake among several others, omitting the use of the word “spaz.”

“Words matter because they reinforce the negative attitudes disabled people face every day, and impact every aspect of disabled people’s lives. Beyoncé has long been a champion of inclusivity and equality, so we’d urge her to remove this offensive lyric,” added Kirwan. 

The controversy also sparked massive debates on Twitter. Scores of netizens were offended by her move and called her out on social media. Soon, Beyonce’s spokeswoman informed everyone that they will be changing the lyrics. “The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced,” she said in a statement written to The Associated Press on Monday

Here’s What People On Twitter Had To Say:


Interestingly, barely about a few weeks ago, American singer Lizzo had also been slammed for using the “same abhorrent language”. She, however, removed the word from her song, Grrrls, in June post the backlash. “Thankfully she did the right thing and re-recorded the song. It’s hard to believe that could have gone unnoticed by Beyoncé’s  team,” noted Kirwan while discussing her song Heated.  

(Featured Image Credits: Twitter @beyonce)