Billie Eilish shared the picture of  her sneakers on Instagram stories that started the debate over whether or not they’re white and pink, or white and mint green. Yes, it is juts like ‘The Infamous Dress’ story all over again.

Back in 2015, internet was torn between two sides over the colour of a dress. Some said that the colour was white and gold, whereas others saw white and blue. It’s a typical optical illusion play. So when fans asked Eilish about her take over the colour of the dress, she shared a story which is quite similar.

She posted a video of Nike’s sneakers, poking fun at her dad for describing them as “pink and white.” The singer received numerous messages agreeing with her father and later went on to post a series of videos proving the shoes to be mint green and white.

She even shared the images of the shoes as they’re marketed by the brand. Released in 2017, they were described as ‘Barely Green.’ People on Twitter shared their views. Take a look at it below.

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