Seems like we are all crying these days but this time around, it’s not because of the novel coronavirus or the extended lockdown in our country but because of an alternate version of Black Widow’s death scene in Avengers: Endgame.

While Captain America and Iron Man’s death scenes were liked by fans, many felt that Black Widow’s death scene was hated upon for being too simplistic.

However, in an alternate version shared on Disney+, Natasha and Clint Barton are seen to encounter Thanos and his army in the plains of Vormir. The duo fight bravely but is outnumbered and Natasha also ends up taking quite a few shots to her body. In a final act of bravery and compassion, Black Widow sacrifices herself and jumps off the cliff.


“Nope, still not ready to watch this. Bookmarked to watch, ehmmm, November time-ish?!?” one person wrote on Twitter. “I feel like this adds more plot to thanos, man figures out about the soul stone, come on, should’ve kept it in the movie,” wrote another.