World No Smoking Day

World No Tobacco Day: 6 Celebrities Who Have Never ‘Bummed A Smoke’

These celebrities chose a healthy lifestyle over nicotine

It’s World No Tobacco Day! And while we don’t promote smoking, we all can admit that we often have been impressed by one or the other smoking scenes in films. Bollywood has always made smoking look cool, but off-screen these actors have always voiced against the consumption of tobacco. Many celebs maybe are known to be chain smokers, but contrary to the common notion that all stars smoke, there are still a few actors in Bollywood who claim to have never indulged in these addictions.

Celebrities set an example for younger generations and have a tremendous amount of self-restraint. Most of them never skip a day at the gym, the same way there are few who never smoke for fitness and health reasons.

John Abraham

This Jism actor is known for his fitness, he’ll never miss a session at the gym and does not indulge in intoxicants of any kind. The actor lives a rather simple life, as he is hardly seen at any Bollywood parties.

Akshay Kumar

Swag is for boys, class is for men 😎

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The Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood is known as one of the fittest actors in the industry. Akshay is an early riser and an early sleeper; he lives his life very strictly and doesn’t indulge in drinking or smoking and doesn’t endorse any products hazardous to health. He, however, was recently slammed for promoting a pan masala brand.

Shilpa Shetty

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Shilpa has maintained her perfectly toned body with gym sessions and yoga. The actress has always said no to alcohol and cigarettes.

Suniel Shetty

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Known as the biggest action hero of his time, Suniel is very cautious with his health and diet. He believes in eating the right food and restraining from alcohol and cigarettes.

Sonam Kapoor

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The fashionista has not only stayed away from smoking but also been an inspiration for her father to quit smoking.

Bipasha Basu:

Basu has always been one of the fittest Bollywood actresses, she never compromises on health. The Bengali beauty never smokes and doesn’t even agree to hold a cigarette in a film as she thinks she might be sending the wrong message to society.

On World No Tobacco Day, let’s promise to be careful about our consumption of the product and keep in mind the health of the people around us.