Indian Matchmaking 2

The Return of Sima Aunty: Here’s Why We Don’t Mind Watching Another Season Of ‘Indian Matchmaking’

Grab your popcorn because Sima Aunty is returning to do what she’s good at – matchmaking

Sima Taparia became a household name with just one season of a Netflix show. Yes, we are talking about Indian Matchmaking . The show revolves around Sima aunty looking for suitable grooms/brides for her clients. The first season of the show was a massive hit. And if you haven’t seen the series yet, you might just binge watch it right away. The Netflix original has been greenlit for a second season and we are sure you won’t want to miss it. 

Indian Matchmaking season 2 was announced recently with a small teaser. While the new promo doesn’t appear to have any footage from the upcoming season, you get to see Sima aunty doing her job. Clients from the previous season take up the space in this video, making you nostalgic about the epic season 1 of the show. 

Now, we know that this show probably did not need a sequel, but we also know that you too enjoy watching Taparia and her witty one-liners. The show is everyone’s guilty pleasure and here is why we don’t mind another season of this Netflix show. 

Sima Taparia

She might have said some orthodox things on the show, but her accent, her very cliche thoughts and her views on marriage and couples is something we cannot miss. Sima aunty is every aunty we meet in our society and listening to her trash talk with clients is all the gossip we need. 

The Clients

What makes the show even more interesting is the clients. The people who Taparia tried to get married in season 1 had their own quirks, and it was interesting to see how most of them had the strangest interactions with Taparia, and different outlooks on meeting people and getting married. 

A Great Break

While you might be watching a show like Better Call Saul or a movie like Thar on Netflix, a little break from such shows and movies to watch something as crass as Indian Matchmaking sounds just about right. You get to question Sima Taparia’s statement, relate to clients who are not able to find love, and enjoy the memes that arrive later. 

As Sima Auntie says, we cannot wait to see whether ‘the stars truly align’ for any of the new clients she gets. The show arrives on Netflix soon. 

(Featured Image Credits: Instagram @netflix)